Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Day 800 Money and Energy

What I am calling the God and Goddess of Reality: Money and Energy.

Humans derive their primary sense of self and identity through the World as what they do to Survive/Make money. If you don't have money, or your position: its like you don't have any identity of meaning.

I also see How people are living off of Energy. Where in poverty, struggling to survive, they still feed off of the Energy of their Flesh/Body.

One of the biggest lie is the good person. Because the good person will not give up Energy, and will not change the System. If this is the definition of good, then it is useless. Cause even in poverty, people fear giving up the systems. We have become nothing more than demons of Energy lost in our emotions, opinions and personalities.

Who dares to stop their Anger? Who dares to stop their Judgment? Who dares to stop their Feelings?

Who dares to stop their Opinions? Who dares to forsake all Knowledge? Who dares to give up their Personalities?

Who dares to say no more SPEAKING or WRITING if it allows any words of Abusing the truth by using an Opinion, belief, or Emotions.

Who is dedicated to the Truth? Who is dedicated to what is best for all? Who is dedicated to speaking Common Sense? Who is dedicated to give up their whole life to make sure that Real Life is possible?

There's a whole world possible if we dare to take responsibility for all that we have become and accepted and allowed. We have lost the way.

Life can be seen and known and lived. What to do, how to live, it is a quantifiable, and practical question. There are no great mysteries or great solutions. All that we need to change is right here. To both change this World System, and to change ourselves, its right here already: what we need. To change this reality requires standing as a group in a point. It takes many people. To change yourself you need the support of a group as well.

Dare yourself to do more than the average person. So you won't regret it later on.

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