Sunday, February 2, 2020

Day 799 - What is the Future of Humanity's Evolution?

We are all one and equal. Oneness and Equality requires giving up the ability to Feel emotions and Feelings such as Happiness, Excitement, Love, Joy, Sadness, Anger, Frustration, Irritation. Because your current ability to feel such things are all based in Reactions to something. They are not your Decision, they are not your Deliberate Creation. They only exist because you accept and allow it, because you only exist currently as an Observer. You are not the Directive Principle of your Life currently. You are existing purely as someone who is observing and experiencing Energy. Your entire life boils down to what you Feel, and Experiencing Energy. Do you agree with this truth?

Given this, it is shameful, and it is idiotic, and silly, and simply a wasted life and a wasted time, since how many points did you participate in your Life that was merely because of energy? All of them. How many decisions did you make based on the Energy you Felt? All of them. Do you exist at all outside of this Energy? No. 

Oneness and Equality would require you to be your utmost and to take on the Systems of Man and the World System. Are you Able to take on the system while you are merely an Observer, and Merely Experience Energy as your only Purpose/Goal? No, you cannot.

People are not Free to choose, since every person is in love with their chains, which is Energy, which are your emotions and feelings.

To can stop your participation in Energy is by being here as Breath. Because energy cannot exist within Breath. Why is that? this surely indicates something is wrong with Energy if it cannot exist within breath. 

The key to your liberation is standing by the point of We are all one and equal. You cannot feel something about someone if you are equal to them. They are not more than you or less than you. Feeling something because of someone is a statement that they are more or less than you. Feeling something about someone is a statement that they have the power to make you feel something, which is a lie, and a statement that says they are more than you. When the fact of the matter is that you are equal to all. And so no one can make you feel anything, it is through your participation, acceptance and allowance that it happens. You are equal to all. So you see, you aren't allowed to Feel Anger, you are not allowed to feel Happiness. You are not allowed allowed to feel Excitement, if you are truly standing with everyone as equals. What are able to do is to express yourself through your body in any way possible. You can laugh whenever, you can cry whenever, your can sing whenever, you can dance whenever, you can shout whenever, because it is through your body, and that ladies and gentlemen is what is real, because it is YOU deciding to do it and Choose it. It is the Revenge of the Ego that has made you believe that Reactions due to other people are Real, and make you believe that when you decide to Express yourself that it is Fake. You have been fucked with by your Ego, by Society, by everyone else since we are all participating in this point, and so are asleep. But most importantly you have been fucked with by yourself because you placed your trust in something that you can clearly see doesn't stand by what is best for all. You see that, and you know that.

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