Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Day 802 What is something I can trust?

Something that I can trust is the point that we are all one and equal. No matter who someone is, no matter what they have done, no matter all that have done that is considered bad, or good, or evil or right... they are equal to me and I am equal to them. Our equality point is what is real and what I can trust. Because it is speaking as equals, where its like a giant collective, or caucus, or gathering, where Imagine like a giant meeting hall, or town meeting, and we are all there. Imagine Existence is at the townhall, and so all of us are equal. So what we should do is that which is best for everyone, all of us, cause we are all equal.

This point is what I trust, and what I am committed to living, to upholding, to manifesting in this world: which is our equality and oneness. This understanding, this vision, this perspective changes everything. Its like a value, a virtue, or a morality or a religion. It is how you view the world, it is how you view yourself and others. It is a creed, it is a pledge, it is a commitment, it is a recognition, it is how you relate to the world and other people, it is a code of honor, it is a guiding principle, it is words to live by.

We are all one and equal. No matter who you are, no matter what you have done, no matter any quality about you, any characteristic about you, or anything, we are all one and equal, you are one and equal to all, and the way to live, the only way to live is if we do what's for all of us, because we are all equals.

We are committed to commonsense, which means we take care of our physical needs first. And that our beliefs, or our points of opinions, are irrelevant when it comes to whether our beliefs or opinions will compromise the physical needs, and the physical dimensions of people, of yourself, of others. Physical health and conditions are real. Beliefs and Opinions can be detached from reality. So the only point we can trust is in what we can see directly here, and work with here, which Science must align with commonsense.

This way of living and seeing the world is something New that doesn't exist in the world. The words are specific, and it has a specific impact and change if you live them as is: We are all one and equal, and so let's do what is best for all. It implies a way of treating others, where you treat others well, it implies being practical with others, it implies tackling and removing our sense of inferiority to others or superiority to others, it requires changing our world system, our economic rules so that everyone can have, everyone can eat, everyone can live well. It is the founding words of Life itself, the truest Life, the Essence of Life, the Essence of this Existence, where we all originate from, and where we all must end up, and what is the Source of us all. It is the godliness and most divine to live, to become, to apply. It is point that respects and cares for all life without exception.

Equality implies and requires so much if you truly apply it. It requires responsibility, a sense of duty, and purpose.

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