Monday, August 10, 2015

Why so guilty? 327

Realigning Guilt.

SO what is interesting that I have observed today is how when I feel guilty, I enter into it completely without question. This means that I feel guilty, and accept the experience, when I do not even know whether I did something or I am doing something that I am feeling guilty for. It is like that when i feel guilty I already accept and believe that I did do that thing, even though I don't know for sure with confidence that I did. So guilt is misaligned within me.

With all honesty I can see that I don't know whether I did this thing that I feel guilty for. Yet I feel guilty all the same and I believe and act like I did do this thing. Why is this?

This is the result of trusting my feeling and following my intuition as a feeling, as a trust for my feeling to have some knowledge or access or awareness outside and above/greater than what is here available to my awareness. Like with tarot card readings, higher guides, psychics, divine beings, spiritually connected people. With such things, they require your belief, faith, and so does this feeling/emotional of guilt, and with your belief and faith you really give up your directive principle within it all. That is how guilt can be so misaligned that I simply and believe it and follow it whenever it happens to come up within me.

A realigned guilt would be one that is connected to me firstly see what I have done, and seeing it as something I cannot accept and allow. However, instead of feeling guilty, upon seeing what I cannot accept and allow, I can instead just perform the necessary actions of correction, now or in the near future, where appropriate to the context. See, what matters is my directive principle within it all. Not my reactions. I don't need guilt to tell me what I am already aware of. You see then, what is the point of any reactions? Since what you react to, is within your potential awareness. You just have to be aware of what is here and direct, simple, no reactions needed.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to feel guilt as a reaction to what is here, that is potentially within my awareness if I am here, and to trust the feeling of guilt, and so trust my reactions, and so believe that what I am reacting to about myself is true about myself, when it is a thought or belief. How I feel about myself isn't real.

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