Wednesday, August 26, 2015

When a thought or opinion becomes your identity 332

Do you hate or love Democrats or Republicans?

Do you hate or love Black people or white people?

Do you hate or love old people or young people?

Do you hate or love family or friends?

Do you hate or love animals, plants or humans?

Do you hate or love yourself, everyone, or no one?

What I have observed is that when you react to what is here, you place yourself in an inferior position to what is here. However if you accept what is here, as what is here, and then live to make what is here better, and into what is best, then you are living a fulfilled life. Therefore you cannot react to what is here. You cannot react to anyone based on political affiliation, race, skin color, your relationship history, being a friend or family member, for being an animal, plant or human. You cannot react even if they have wronged you and are not doing what is best, are not better what is here, and are reacting to what is here. For if you react, you are simply participating in the same thing that they are doing and that which you are reacting about. When will the cycle end?

What is interesting about love and hate is that we have defined it according to our opinion or thought. So whenever we have a positive opinion about something/someone, we call that love. And whenever we have a negative opinion about something/someone, we call that hate. And we usually define one group as the one we love and a different group as one we hate, usually on the basis of a though/opinion that defines such groups in opposition to one another, or in conflict. If you reflect on this point, you will see for yourself.

Identities then, when defined in reaction, or energy, or righteousness, or separation, causes problem. However recognizing who we are here, for what we are, recognizing our life experiences, our skills, hobbies, the life we have lived for what they are, that is cool and necessary because they are here. You can't escape your past. You can only embrace it within understanding, and use it to support you to change what is here, to make a future that you would like to be in. The future I would like to be in is one that everyone is supported and cared for in every way, and so all is happy and satisfied within their lives knowing that they have the support to face all of the challenges life brings. So we work together as one, family or team, as humanity, and the broader group called Life.

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