Thursday, August 6, 2015

What money's purpose is 325

So the importance of money. So to illustrate this, I will point to this scene in a 1979 animate movie called Jack Frost. In this scene the poor villagers made their own money, and this helped them as they had no money. All of their money was taken by their ruler. So in this scene this shows how easily one can help themselves by making their own money. As well, the importance of having enough money in circulation among people, which means people must have money for it to circulate.

So really. Money should be available to everyone equally. And this can be seen by the fact that money's only purpose is to make sure that everyone has access to everything. But we humans have ignored and denied this purpose of money. But we can live it again. Money can be created in any moment. Money isn't real in itself. So to say I am a millionaire while there are people who are poor, and believing that is real is an illusion, as money can be erased in a second, and you are living within the denial of other people's access to life and living. This is what this movie illustrate clearly in these few seconds of the scene.

Also, the idea of an interest rate isn't real either. That too is an illusion, and is simply an extension of the same abuse of a millionaire existing where there are people who are poor. Because instead of equalizing the equation, they decide that they will lend their money "at interest" to the people who are already poor, and they pretend that the poor people will ever be able to pay the money back, when they the millionaire hold all the money already. Any money the poor people have will be on debt, which on top of that they have to pay interest. They could have easily made their own money, and live their own way, excluding the one millionaire. This secret is something smart people know. Those who abuse, decide to make sure we all pretend along, playing the game that lending money, and borrowing money, and paying interest, and being poor and being a millionaire is normal. It's not. It's a shame.

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