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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Sharing my Investigations about Anger and Fear 323

Hey everyone, so I have been opening up some really interesting points in the last 24 hours. There is much to share, but lets takes things one by one. So we'll see if we will get to everything today, and if not then tomorrow.

So the topics we will be covering is fear and anger. In my recent blogs I have been covering points where I have been feeling activated, perhaps I should say react-ivated, where I realized I have been in the past years on certain levels of myself in a constant reaction to most and much of my daily life. I can see fear is a subtle and potent point, where once you start out in it, it is hard to stop it. So my investigations in the past 24 hours have covered these points, and now I am ready to share some of what I have found. I figure that we could start with something small, yet an important realization/observation about daily life.

So we'll be looking at anger, and being right. Now, what is interesting that I am observing is this particular perception I have within me, that in some levels of myself, if I were to see someone get angry, let's say between two strangers, one person is very angry at another person, that I would believe and think that the person who is angry was wronged by the other person. So look at this wording here, I bet you may not have seen this before. "The person who is angry was wronged by the other person." This statement is a statement of a victim. Meaning that when a person is angry at another person, they are taking on the role of a victim. In their mind, they are a victim. Have you seen that before?

So I find this a fascinating observation/realization, and when I cross-reference that and compare that the memories I have of instances where I have gotten angry and when others have gotten angry, this seems to be prevalent and common. So the same with me then, when i have gotten angry, I saw myself as being wronged by another person and being a victim. Now for me, the word victim has a picture attached to it in my mind. The picture is of a person who has been hurt, who is soft-spoken, drawn back, and hiding. When you compare that picture to someone who is angry, which would be someone who is in your face, screaming, hot-headed, with steam blowing out of their ears, the pictures don't match. So this is really interesting now.

On a subtler dimension, I see that, yes I would firstly immediately almost instinctively believe that the person who is more angry, is the person who has been wronged, and so they are right. This I see being the case whether I am the one angry or someone else is angry. This means that when I am angry at someone and they are submissive, that I am right. And this means that if someone else is angry at me, and I am submissive, meaning that I am not becoming angry, then they are right.  This explains why that when you see two people arguing both try to become more angry and loud than the other, because all of us believe that whoever gives up first, meaning that they submit, would have lost, and whoever was angry last, or have the last word, that they would win. Can you relate to any of these situations?

So we can boil down the above observations into a statement that we live: whoever is angry is right, or "I am right when I am angry." Now of course when we place it like this, in its true, raw, naked form, yes it is ridiculous, we can see that. However this is what we live and become, so it's to not take this lightly, as it is easy to look from here and see the ridiculousness of it, but in the heat of the moment, will you actually remember this commonsense? That's the challenge here, to remember this and not forget it, so as to stop participation in getting angry, which is nothing but living as a victim.

So what is funny here is that we tend to believe that anger is an empowering experience. However, when we look at it, like we have done here today, we see that it's starting point is one of perceiving oneself as being inferior to a situation or to a person, where you see yourself as a victim. Anger then is an act of someone who is acting within the statement, I am a victim, and so I am right for being in anger. Being a victim then is used as a justification for acting anger. So whether it is being a victim towards the circumstance, situation, people, or environment, it is an disempowering experience, one of helplnessness. Now what is perhaps the most common experience that is disempowering? Did you think of fear?

So fear is disempowering, and perhaps the most common experience. So it shouldn't be a surprise then that from fear, we reach anger. How? So somewhere within fear there is a point of feeling powerless, and this is indicated by the fact that one stays within fear. There is almost like a belief that I can't stop my fear, that my fear is greater than me. Perhaps even a fear of being unable to stop fear. So such a statement/belief means that you are disempowered. This is actually what I found within my investigations. That within me was a statement: I cannot stop this fear. And this statement, I reacted to in fear. This is the point then to transcend. And by transcending this belief that there is fear within you that cannot be stopped, that is somehow greater than you, consequently you will also be preventing anger, as anger rises up from a point of being disempowered, as we have seen here today. So are you ready to stop living as a victim, and step beyond that? Read through the example self-forgiveness on fear and anger found in the links below.

This concludes my blog and my sharing on what I found. Thanks very much for reading, see you around.

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