“…simply make things better for someone else, as if I were to be born again, and that someone else, and it doesn't have to be me, but it could be someone like me, that they would have a better life than I had, that everyone was better. There is something seriously wrong with everyone, and that is something I observed when I was very young. We are the problem, and we need to become better, because we are fucking everything up.”
“So this is who I am. There is something seriously wrong with everyone and we need to fix it, if not for us, then for the future generations."
"Everything I have done in this life, and everything I will do, is for this purpose.”

Monday, August 17, 2015

Spark to ignite the flame 330

So when I had a little time today, I decided to sit down and watch tv. Now the first channel that was on was Nickelodeon, and it was the middle of the day, so the programming that was on was a child's tv show. Now it is interesting that we call television shows, tv programming... Do you see? You are being programmed?

So I hated what I saw on tv, and especially what I heard. But this is only because I know better now, however, growing up watching tv, I would watch these types of shows daily hours on end. For some reason I was attracted to this television programming designed for kids. Why? I didn't know. And yet, know as an adult, I can reference the same experience. It still has an effect on me, except now I know better. The main thing I hate about these shows is how it doesn't depict REALITY at all. The way the people act, how they act, how they treat each other, is very obviously insincere and fake, which you can even hear it in the voice. But if you don't have experience in the real world, you can't and won't here that fakeness in the voice, in fact, this is how all adults are speaking to children, especially teachers.

You know that voice. The voice where you go really high, and talk really slow, and talk in such a way that sounds like you are crazy, really. That is so fake, and you are putting on a fake smile. That is not who you are, and you are only putting on that face, to manipulate the child. That's the truth. You don't talk to the children as an equal, and even worse, you are taking advantage of their lack of experience for your benefit. It would be easier for you to have a slave that trusts you and listens to your every word, than to have an equal that question you and ask you, and even point how how and when you are wrong. Though in the long run, you will prefer the option that requires more work, because then you could actually have a real friend and equal helper.

So that is why I hate these shows, because I hate manipulation, and lies, that limit people, especially those that are most vulnerable, and now they are attracted to it. The truth is, that if they have a taste of reality, and sincerity, they will also hate this show and the spell will dissolve. So unbelievably, that only reason why it is working is that all of the children are not getting taste of reality during any part of their daily life. Not in school, not at home, and not anywhere. Can you believe that? That is AMAZING. That we have devised such a society and such a way of treating children in such synchronicity and uniformity that no matter where children go, they are belittle and treated as handicapped and incapable individuals that must be controlled, manipulate, and cajoled into position. And that is 24/7 honey. Any dictator would be proud at the state of control that is widespread. Seriously it takes a lot of work to pull this off. So here's an applause for that.

So, in reality, what it would take to change Reality, would be so little. Just a spark. It's like the change that is possible, is like a stack of desert dry hay. The perfect tinderbox that is ready to just go up in flames. All we need is to open the door ever so slightly, and all the water will burst through. We only need then just a spark, just a little push, that ignites this change in the generations of humanity. It won't take much and will only require a few, in relative to the whole humanity.  

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