Monday, December 9, 2019

Day 775 Our Choice

Our choice is a powerful thing. With choice/decision we can do and say some unbelievable things. For example we can say with words our commitment to be and do something that is incompatible with how things exist today. That incompatibility is quite unacceptable with how things are, and so it creates a resistance, naturally.

In the world we have today, it is incompatible to say: I am committed to bringing about a world that is best for all. Because in the world we have today, every person is within a specific cell in their own prison, whose walls are their own minds. Your prison is everything that you define yourself to be: you define yourself to be a father/mother/parent. You define yourself as a citizen, as an American, African, Indian, or whatever country you want to name. You define yourself by your own name, by the age of your body. Shall I continue? Or do you get the idea?

The reason why its incompatible to say that I am committed to bringing about a world that is best for all, with the current world today is because firstly people make up the world. And who people are are defined within a certain feature, like a color, or a bandwith or a resonance. And that definition by its nature is done within separation or contrast with standing as one and equal with all. How we have defined ourselves, how we have defined and utilized/create our words/languages, and our personality is that of an individual who is in a constant fracas with everything else that exists. It is a definition that places everything as an enemy and that even to exist is a struggle to exist. That survival means struggle.

We have defined our words to attack the very points of real Freedom from this prison in our minds. For example, being lazy as in making things easy and doing the least bit effort- yet while achieving results what is best for all. Our minds are designed to attack laziness instead of seeing its virtue and support, the same way we will attack people who are victims of abuse. Even then, can there be a point where we see things as a point of solution and support. How can we actually become the turning point so that we can actually live what is best for all? How do we resolve the incompatibility?

Through choice, we can choose to speak and live words. Words themselves are alive, and should be regarded as sacred and holy. But what is happened is that we have also defined words to be meaningless and worthless. The very point of our salvation, we have made it the enemy. Through words you can create anything. Through words you can for example create the point where you commit to bring about a world that is best for all.

One of the points of enslavement is to attack those who speak words that are incompatible with the world of today. Yet it is the very words that set you free. So it is important, and there is a reason why words are targeted.

When you say: I am committed to bring about a world that is best for all: you are making a decision. Can you see that? These are not mere words. They are a point of decision on your part. And so whenever you are in any situation, you can realize this point of my words do matter, and if I utilize this point, then I can create the situation and who I am in the situation merely with my words, which is my choice.

If you are in a situation where you feel alone and abandoned: you can make the statement and speak the words: I commit myself to be a part of this world and exist in this world, and live among everything and support everything as best I can to bring about what is best for all. I commit myself to engage with and interact with all that exist and see through their eyes and perspectives so I may understand how they exist and experience themselves. I will bring forth and create something supportive, something worthwhile, and visible here that will support and bring about a world that is best for all.

So speaking these words are an act of decision and creation. It proves that you were created in the image and likeness of a Creator, meaning that your birthright is to create, to create who you are, to create/decide what your words are, and what words you will live. And you can do this in any situation, no matter what it may be.

And so when I say this world's essence is that all exist as one and equal, and we should stand as that point, and live it visibly and verbally and being outspoken about who we all are, and how we should live, then that becomes truth. And its within saying that its our oneness and equality that allows us to create, to come together and exist together, like how the facts are that we all exist and we are here, and through our Caring, through our recognition of everything as equal, and valuable, that that becomes the truth. Because without words, without ideas, without definitions, we simply exist here together, neither possibly being something other than us all just here. And so the fundamental truth is that we are one and equal and these words are simply reflecting that truth.

Choice can be anything. For example I am committed to learn the relevant truth, that is related to how we all should live and what choices we should make. Within that the only answer possible is that we all live in harmony and support one another. Since if I take everyone's perspectives equally, then I cannot allow myself or another to be rich or live a middle class life of pleasure while others suffer. Its unacceptable. So choice necessitates commonsense. If you choose to seek the truth, you will find it, I guarantee it.

In the real time moment, choice is how I described it earlier as the potential to be given any situation imaginable and then creating who you are going to be through words. That, ladies and gentlemen is what I claim to be the essence of Living Words, when you recognize that fact and you apply that fact in your daily life, which takes practice as anything does, yet it is something we all are doing at least unconsciously in the sense of at least not choosing at all, or alternatively we are already kind of haphazardly deciding what we are going to do, what words we will live and so how we will live our lives and decisions. Haphazardly refers to how there are people who create their lives to a certain way which obviously takes breaking out of the mold, yet the exact understanding of how and why they are doing is not articulated or understood. Because otherwise, with a full understanding of this creation process, the potential is infinite. Literally a person can create so much to such an extent that no Fear, no Limitation of any sort can hold them back.

Our choice is inextricably tied to the Living Word, and application of using words to create who you are. That is the essence of what I have done for 10 years through writing and self-forgiveness and physical application. I have proven that you can be given any moment and you can decide who you are, and you do have infinite potential, and that what is best for all is the only choice that is commonsense or just makes sense.

Creation is your birthright, you are a creator.