Thursday, December 12, 2019

Day 776 My Presence flow through my Words

As it is described in the Desteni Material, I found the following to be true: that we have a being who is placed here in our chest areas of our body, and that we have a mind conscious system who is placed its emotional churning center in our solar plexus or stomach region of our bodies, and that this is an energy center where it will send energy to the head region where Thoughts are created, Backchats too, and the general mind activity.

And that what the Process that we all have to walk as Humanity in order to be free is to amalgamate with our physical bodies. What this means is realizing that Who I am is the Being here in the chest region and that I can essentially stop/ignore/ stop-participation regarding the Mind. And so this means that I am here in the body sensing reality, seeing the immediate space around me without thought, and so with that kind of silence. Where I realize that who I am as Choice, and Awareness and Decision is a being who can YES create with the mind on purpose, but I am not the Mind as its automatic system that creates thoughts. Where I can observe simultaneously who I am as the being here in the body using the mind if I choose to, and at the same time observe/see how the mind is churning energy as emotions in my solar plexus and generating Thoughts and Backchats.

All of the above I have observed to be true, and its described in much greater detail in the Desteni material.

What this has meant for me is that I can take back my choice/decision and I don't have to follow the energy/emotion. I can focus on my body and focus on stopping the energy in my solar plexus or stomach region and so I can stop the automatic mind movements. And I can see when I have a physical reaction like shutting my eyes suddenly and feeling a great fear for example. Because all of the information is stored in my body. So all of the past and all that exists as information is in my body, and that includes the information that the mind utilizes as well for its generation of thoughts. The mind doesn't have any information really stored about me. The information is stored in my body, and so what that means is that through my being I can have direct access to all of the information in my body and see directly the past, and what I have lived and faced. And of course you can try to do it through the mind, but it will always be limited, it will always be biased, and you will always not see the complete truth.

This is also related to when I speak and my presence. When I have living as my being in my body then who I am is aligned, and I can be supportive to myself and to others. And this affects those around me, they are much more calmer, and they rely on me in many ways for that. I serve a great stabilizing point for many in my reality. And you can see in my words, that they are merely an extension of myself, nothing more and nothing less.

If I were to help Humanity free itself, it would be through the same process that is freeing me and letting me see the truth of me and how I operate. So it is to show others the same thing that was shown to me. You are the being, you are not this mind system, and you need to get back to your body and live here again as the directive principle in every moment. That is the priority, and through this reality and humanity will finally change for real.

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