The most important thing that I can offer existence is to show that its possible to live and exist without thought, emotion and feeling. To show what its like to no longer feel insulted, intimidated, scared, worried, love, hope, sadness, excitement. To show what it is like to smile for real, laugh real, spontaneously in the moment, unplanned.Like live words for real like openness, intimacy, bravery, sharing, caring, hereness, strength, standing firm, listening, considering, walking with

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Day 37 The purpose of laws and rules

Laws and rules should serve Man, or Life!
If a law or rule doesn't serve what is best for all, best for Life, then it is Invalid.

Following a law or rule just because its a law or rule makes no sense.

Following a law or rule to avoid the consequences make sense.

Doing what one can do to improve the awareness of Humanity, and the quality of Self so that LAWS and RULES serve no basis for the REASONS of one's actions, and that wholly the reasons and PURPOSE of your actions and living is in accordance with the PRINCIPLES WITHIN you that are aligned to what is best for all or existence or Life.

That is when the Human is trustworthy, because one's actions is due to that which is within  you that IS NOT fear or emotion or thought. Instead it is instinct, it is so principled and so ingrained in the fiber of your being and self, that you act and do it, and speak it without hesitation in a moment. You ARE IT. You ARE what is BEST for ALL. It is YOU already, as your body, as yourself, ALIGNED.

That human is trustworthy.

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