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Self is the Key. You are the Key. You have the power. You are the power. You need to know the power. You need to know yourself. You need to know who you are right now in this moment in what you are thinking and feeling. And you need to start stopping whatever it is that is not best for you. You need to start stopping that which is harmful to Life.

Be the Self that is Free from all limitation, pain, abuse, destruction, and full of creation, ability, and potential. You start becoming through self-forgiveness.

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Monday, July 6, 2015

My relationship to myself. Origin Story Part 2

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So like I have shared in my previous post, I am walking a pretty massive point, and I have decided to take it each individual point that makes up the massive collection point, one by one. So yesterday we looked at something very specific that I saw myself participating within it. I will share today what I have done since then which has been to apply the corrective change. So the main point that I opened up yesterday was that I was brainwashed on how to think, how to act, etc... so the correction is to decide, to direct. So that is what I have applying. Now I know it sounds simply to just say the words, decide or direct. So to describe in a little more detail the challenge that is involved within that, I will describe a moment.

So a moment would be like I am experiencing some reaction or resistance within looking at making a decision. So that is the challenge there, which is to make the decision and follow through with that. Normally, what does a person do, when they feeling something "bad" when they make a decision. Don't we tend to think that this means something? Or don't we tend to think that this is a sign, or that this is intuition, or that this is God, or our guides or our inner self communicating to us? So we tend to think all of these types of thoughts when we feel bad when we had consider making a certain decision or when we had already made the decision and started walking it. So this is the challenge.

The challenge is to let go of this bad feeling, such that it has no say into your decision. And to let go of those thoughts that you have in reaction to the bad feeling. And the challenge is to be able to make a decision about what to do, and who you are, and how you will approach decision making. Because even here, within approaching this point of stopping participation in reactions, is a decision in itself. So the challenge is right now in every moment. To decide. To direct.

So we all face this challenge in every moment. So that is what I focused on yesterday. For those who haven't read my previous post I suggest to read it because it will assist and support in seeing how we were brainwashed at a very early age to accept and allow a belief about who we are, and how to think and how to behave. This understanding will help in reversing the brainwashing, because it is very difficult to change this overall point.

Now I will be opening up another dimension regarding this overall design. My plan is to take a different route, to show another side to what is going on here.

Love is an important point that serves as a very strong glue that supports the existence of this point within me. If someone were to say to you that they acted within love and that they only want what is best for you, how would you respond? Could you blame them? Do you forgive them for everything they have done to you? So yes, they are forgiven because they acted within love.

See now, but what if we changed perspectives? Let's say that someone knowingly harmed you, which only lead to their personal benefit, and then they say that they acted within love and that they only want what is best for you. How would you respond now? So this changes the situation. But did it? Because before I didn't say what they did, did I? So what is going on here?

For some reason, Love, has like this magical power almost like a force field barrier that protects the person. Why is that? And why do we allow ourselves to be manipulated by the word love? Can you justify any action with the word love?

Is this why the most common time that we use the word love is with our children, our family, our spouses and partners, and friends? Have you ever witness someone or yourself using the word love to avoid the other person to get angry with you? To avoid punishment or to change how someone feels? So basically love is used for manipulation. And I mean, it seems that by even using the word love, the average person can't help but be manipulated.

If we now look at what we uncovered yesterday, how parents all manipulate and brainwash their children in how to think, how to behave, how to feel, how to relate to the world, and who they are. Would this be all justified if it was done in the name of love? Should we just let things continue like they have always been because of love? My sense is that you feel like yes is the right answer.

So love is dangerous. Love is a threat to life, to our very existence because it accepts and allow such great evil. So love is just as evil. If someone says they love you, know that they are manipulating you. They might conscious of it, or unconscious of it, but regardless it is a manipulation. So you must be extremely careful and remove any point of feeling or reaction, or decisions that are made within that acceptance and allowance of love. Because if you let a single word control you, then you won't ever be able to reach a point where you can decide who you are. Love then, and must be, the first point of brainwashing that occurs at the beginning of each person's life. The belief that "you are love" you=love. Once you accept and allow that brainwashing point, then your parents have complete control over you. They will say, I love you. You would do anything for them. You are putty in their hands.

I realize that every person reading this will have some reaction at some level within themselves to reading this. Because like I said, love is the first point of acceptance and allowance. You have been told this word and phrase so many times since birth. If you had a record of the number of times that you were exposed to a word, love would be one of the top words. You can't but help react when you hear or read the word love. Because it is ingrained on a physical level. It takes years to be able to get to a point of actually removing this program, and even years just to be able to work with it in awareness without it completely possessing you. Remember that you are brainwashed since birth. Who you are now, what you think and what you feel, were not your decision or direction. They were your acceptance and allowance of what everyone around you told you to be and become. None of what you feel or think is really you. But it is all you are right now. You can't value something like that. It's not a life worth living. It's a slavery.

I also must warn you that if you are thinking now to use the word love to manipulate everyone in your environment, then you must hear this. That everything you do, you do to yourself. So whatever manipulation that you do for your selfish benefit, that you will receive the consequence. What I share here is dangerous. Don't play with fire. If you don't understand how the mind works, you cannot use it, it will use you. You need to walk a process of understanding yourself and your mind. That should be your priority. Right now everything we are walking is an outflow of consequence. For ages since the beginning of time we have accepted and allowed the point of love, and we are walking the consequence of it. To continue with the abuse will only worsen things, and can lead to the ultimate consequence where you do lose absolute access to yourself forever. It's a fate worse than death. So don't play with something you don't understand. For immediate support with mind points you can visit the desteni forum.

Love is one of the, if not the, most important point that we accept and allow as a self-definition. Where it permeates into how we think, how we act, how we decide, and who we are. I have defined myself as love. It really forms an important part of the core of the entire design. Without love, the brainwashing may have failed completely. Yesterday we looked at emotions, especially within morality. We know that light/dark and good/bad are defined in relation to one another. And so Love is one side of the coin to Morality. The experience then is essential to the brainwashing. You must have an experience of yourself to make the acceptance more "real." So when you have an experience when you hear that someone loves you, you are likely to fall into the experience. The same with morality. If someone says what you did was right or wrong, you have an experience, and you tend to fall into it. This is what your parents train you to do within your first years. To have an experience when words are spoken to you. And it is always a point of like an attack, like words are coming AT you. And it ATTACKS you with an experience. This you can see clearly when parents speak in exaggerated voices and with tonalities to their children, which carry their own resonance of emotions/feelings that they have placed as definitions of the words they carry. So parents are only transferring the information that they already carry within their own words.

One thing for sure is that a child is very vulnerable. They would have to have a tremendous willpower to be able to withstand those 7 years with their parents. But then they would have to enter the school system with the same level of commitment. Everywhere you would go, every adult, has their definition of words, which happen to all be very much the same. And it is really much more extreme for the children because every adult views them as a blank canvas, as helpless. They take advantage then to imprint themselves onto the child. Perhaps as some way to find immortality through the systems they live, that they believe to be them, to live on in another host. It really is like a parasite or a virus of a disease. I would say that our systems know that children are the most vulnerable, and they take advantage of that. That is why we feel attracted to children, because we want to imprint our systems and definitions onto them. How many times have you had random adults want to teach you something, some life lesson, who to be or how to live? It's no mystery now why parents have children.

They don't even recognize you as a person, that has an equal awareness to them. The funny thing is that when you grow up, you take on the same belief system. You begin to believe that children are inferior to you. I suppose the day that happens, is the day that the system has its ultimate victory over you. It gets you to say, to think, and believe that which completely tarnish the value of your real self, creating a complete separation.Your potential is lost.

The danger and challenge here is that for those adults who don't outright view children as inferior, these ones tend to view children with love. But, what have we seen here today, that love is dangerous. So there are those that believe that love is the answer, and so these people tend to be seen as the better teacher and parents and adults, which in a system that depends on adults brainwashing children, adults that live the word love are absolute necessary in the brainwashing process. Without love, without the sugary positive experience, the system would fall apart. So these adults then serve a vital purpose in keeping the systems alive and well within the children.

Remember that love is just manipulation, a way to get someone to do what you want. That is what the word love does when you speak the word. It creates an experience within people. Love is part of the problem. The solution here is to define the word love differently, in such a way that it doesn't lead to an experience and it supports the person in expressing who they really are as a decision. You can catch yourself when you are only using the word love to manipulate someone to do what you want. That must stop. Instead, your only goal, especially with children, is to support them in becoming aware of their ability to decide. If you are working with children that are 5 years old, then they have 5 years of brainwashing. So be aware of the extent of the problem. It is massive.

The best place to start your process of becoming free and responsible, is with yourself. To investigate your reactions, and take responsibility for yourself. No longer accept and allow love and an experience to manipulate you and your decisions. Isn't it time that we decide who we are?
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