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Self is the Key. You are the Key. You have the power. You are the power. You need to know the power. You need to know yourself. You need to know who you are right now in this moment in what you are thinking and feeling. And you need to start stopping whatever it is that is not best for you. You need to start stopping that which is harmful to Life.

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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Living Different WORDS lead to different results. 299

Hey Everybody. I found something really cool, that I know will really assist me in my life. And I can tell that this is just the beginning of something. So my aim in this blog is to explain this point clearly, as an introduction. 

 So I was sort of just looking at some points, and I started writing out what I saw. So what I realized at the end of this is how we can and DO take on a single word, when we express something, and not only when we express, but also just perhaps in any moment. But let's look at just this context of when you are communicating some piece of information TO someone. Okay? So this is the context. Now for this example, let's use some piece of information. You can pick your own for this example.

So let's say that you are telling someone a story. Now it may be very helpful to picture someone else performing the communication, or it may be more helpful to picture yourself being the one. So you have to assess that for yourself. So this person is speaking in a story telling voice. Can you hear the voice? Can you picture/imagine? For me I have memories from childhood where adults spoke in a very specific way when they told a story. So do you have this moment very clear within yourself?

Okay once you have this point, hold that there for a moment, because we will revisit it very soon. Now imagine/picture yourself explaining some information to someone else (or someone else explaining). For me I have memories of school, and academic settings, perhaps something technical. Now do you hear the voice that the person is using when they explain something? Can you hear it? Now to help you see it for what it is, compare that voice to the story telling voice. Notice the difference. Because there is a distinct difference, right?

Okay one more example. Let's say you are presenting some information to someone. Picture yourself presenting the information. How you speak, your mannerism, what you do, you face. Can you see and hear yourself presenting or making a presentation? Compare that to the last two examples of storytelling and explaining. 

So what is amazing is that with a single word you can become and live that word. You can become and live the words story-telling, explaining, presenting. And within that you can change and become a sort of personality, which is a way of moving, expressing of your body, words, and sound of voice.

So here I made a list of such words at the bottom.

So for each word, I found that there is a distinct way of acting/living of the word, that is DIFFERENT than the other words. And so it changes how information that you have is transferred to another person. Because really, each and every word and way of expressing is doing the same point, that is transferring information or communication. But even though these are all ways to communicate, they are all COMPLETELY different. When you report something, it is completely different than when you are teaching something, or explaining something or presenting something or guiding or informing or instructing. To see this difference is Extremely empowering. Because how you present yourself, what WORD that you live, will completely change how someone receives that information and will change their experience in that moment. A person knows how it feels to receive a story or to be taught something or guided or be reported to or instructed, or explained something or recruited. We know the difference. YET, it can be extremely difficult to see that difference and in AWARENESS live a word. At least for me, I haven't ever clearly saw, with full awareness how I and others were simply living ONE word in a moment of communication. I am astounded right now. Because it is something so simple yet effective. All we have to do is to decide what WORD we are going to live when speaking/communicating something to someone. And who knows, maybe we can live multiple words? This is really something to investigate, test out, and learn for oneself how this functions.


Tell a Story – Childhood memories

Explain --- School, academic, technical

Present --- a presentation, pictures, happy, in presentation voice




Share  - real , deep, honesty





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