The Self is the key. You are the key. If you want to make things better, focus on yourself. Do you have a relationship with yourself? Are you able to hold yourself and know yourself? Do you know what you are feeling? Do you know what you are thinking? Are you here with yourself? Do you Know yourself?

Self is the Key. You are the Key. You have the power. You are the power. You need to know the power. You need to know yourself. You need to know who you are right now in this moment in what you are thinking and feeling. And you need to start stopping whatever it is that is not best for you. You need to start stopping that which is harmful to Life.

Be the Self that is Free from all limitation, pain, abuse, destruction, and full of creation, ability, and potential. You start becoming through self-forgiveness.

Would you like to have a relationship with Your self?

Monday, May 18, 2015

Getting to know myself, what does this mean? 275

So what does this mean? For me it means to see my patterns that I don't see as patterns.

Here is an example for demonstrative purposes. One pattern is that I suppress a lot of what I feel. So why is it useful for me to see my pattern? Because, when I see that I just felt something, and then I am immediately feeling something else, then I might be acting within this pattern. And so my question to myself is, what was I feeling just before, and why was I feeling that?

So when I ask that question, I look for the answer, and I learn what I was feeling before, why I felt that, and that I was reacting to what I felt. So I forgive reacting to what I felt, because I don't want to be separate from parts of myself.

From doing that, I understand who I am in this moment, and so I can direct myself.

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