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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Did you know this about your FOOD? 280

So, I'm not sure how many you are aware of what happening with the food production in the world. Though chances are that the majority of people in the world don't know this. But, I will bet a dollar that most of you have been told by a parent or adult growing up that you should finish all the food on your plate, because it would go to waste and that there are starving children in Africa. Am I right?

So here is something ironic. About 40% of food perfectly that is produced is wasted, and much of this happens before it even arrives in the household. While there may be some food wasted in the households, there is also a large amount that is thrown away at the supermarkets, and distribution centers. Take a look at this video if you don't believe me:

So this documentary goes into detail on the subject matter. I haven't seen this one yet, but I did see another food waste documentary 2 years ago called taste the waste.

So while parents are telling their children to not waste the food because there are starving children in Africa, more food than the families could ever eat is being thrown away. Now, I don't want to assume, but who here knows how supply/demand works? So if supply is high, prices drop. This means that the prices we pay at the supermarket world over, would be cheaper, if these perfectly edible food were sold at the market place. Not to mention the waste alone. Because if you think about it, food being grown and thrown away at such a massive scale of 40% is having a significant impact on so many different levels of the world, from the earth, to the environment, to people, to starvation, to animals, plants etc... There is meat that is thrown away, so the life of the animal is wasted. The same with the plants, perfectly good fruit and vegetable are thrown away, so the land, water, care, and time put into them is wasted.

Here is an idea, why not just make food a human right, because there is no good reason why we should keep on going this way. How could we have let this happen? It just doesn't make any sense.

Now, here I have an answer. One reason why food is thrown away, is because there are significant portions of the populations that do not have enough money to buy the foods on the shelf. You can only sell to those who have money to buy. So for this, I have a solution. We can make sure that every person has enough money to buy food by installing a Living Income, that would ensure each one has the funds for a dignified life, including access to food. Now for those that don't believe that there are people who can't afford food in your country, I am going to use my own as an example, United States:

Visit Living Income, Investigate it, and consider becoming a leader for your City/State/Country, or donate.

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