Sunday, July 28, 2019

Day 741 Being a good person in the eyes of society

The human mind is an interesting thing. So those from Desteni know this, but most people don't know: about how interconnected your mind, thoughts, emotions and feelings are within everything you do, perceive and learn.

It's the missing piece of the puzzle. If we were to structure a classroom, and a teacher and an environment that addresses the mind of individuals directly, which means challenging the thoughts, emotions and feelings of people, and pointing what is practical and decisions that are best for all... doing all of this so as to show each person who happens to be a child, that their mind is a thing that is moving that they can stop and that isn't them. And that they can choose to live something else and direct themselves. And that the only choice that is best can only be what is best for all. To understand the consequences of choices, and so the choices that limit consequence is best.

Currently we operate our classroom and teachers without tackling the human mind at all. At best its a teacher's secret weapon of manipulation, where teachers employ the same tactics as all humans do, which is manipulate the emotions, which can be done for example through anger as intimidation, or through bribery and feeling manipulation with sweet words. Obviously the commonsense here is that what is being taught/shown is that authority is to be respected at all times, and the teacher must always have control at all times. So from the child's perspective, the lesson is that children must be controlled at all times, that their peers cannot be trusted. Then you have some children that rebel, which would only be natural to do in such a case. And then they are made an example of.

So the brainwashing is deep. Is it done out of a malicious intent? Is it done out of ignorance?

The bottom line here is that the human being as each person is like a machine that is hungry for one thing: energy, no matter what form it may be in. No matter the cost. No matter the actions that must be taken.

To tackle that and address that at an early age would be supportive to individuals. But you end up in today's time, everyone being like a child lets say. Everyone is a child because everyone is still after energy. So they weren't every shown or directed how to stop and how there is a consequence with going after energy and that is not what is best for all. So you essentially have children teaching other children. You have the blind leading the blind. And the systems in people go unchallenged and life continues as it has for as long as people would think it has.

Don't get me wrong, the energy and the system is no joke. This isn't a criticism of people, far from it. It's more like I am pointing out how everyone is in a deep ignorance of themselves and each other, and no one has a clue of it. So of course it will seem threatening to see/consider this. I suppose most people may think that maybe they need to change, but that overall things are pretty good.

Of course, that isn't the case. If you take a look at the physical numbers and the physical reality of people everywhere at once. But its almost like an apathy, like a dream-like state that people go into. They stop seeing, they stop caring, they stop questioning things.

That's its important to do these little wake up calls. How a few words can point out the apparent truth. You haven't and no one is questioning the mind, and knows where thoughts are coming from, and where decisions are coming from. Why do you think what you think and feel what you feel? How come you don't question/push for a better/world society, that it isn't a topic of conversation, or a mission or goal. How come its not pushed for in your life, in your conversations, and relationships. How come people are only living their lives for themselves?

I could be much harsher, which only seems harsher if its more to the point. No one can tell where their thoughts come from, and how come living what is best for all isn't a priority. I mean you were never shown this, and you never questioned this. Realize one thing, to become something or realize something, you have to actually do it, spend the time questioning, and looking at it. It takes time. And everything that is who you are right now took time.

The one thing that limits people is the idea of fitting in and being a good person in the eyes of society, and friends and family. People just wish to achieve just that goal. Just be good enough in the eyes of society and your relationships. Just that. That's enough. But what if society as a whole is blind and ignorant? I mean you are placing a lot of trust in society. Is there a way to know for sure? To be objective about things? Can you see for yourself independently that who you are and what you are living is best for all in fact? Can you see for yourself what would be best for all of us to do and become and live as a society and humanity?

Most often people stop at excuses that other people are bad. That other people are the problem. Its definitely a disturbing wake up call when everyone is the problem. When the supposed good people living good life are also problematic too. I mean it is a mass ignorance and a cultural acceptance and allowance at a massive scale. It is all of us excusing and justifying things that are not best because we are all doing it.

Who is going to question things and stop things if I don't do it? If one person doesn't start, who will?

So in conclusion, the human mind is interesting. And we are quite ignorant as long as we don't know the detail of ourselves, our thoughts, our personalities and the totality of self. This isn't taught or questioned in school, but it can be. Children can be shown the way. And it will save them a great headache of repeating your mistakes. Isn't this just commonsense?

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