Monday, May 13, 2019

Day 723 Educational Material for Children

An educational Program for Kids:
either TV, Movie, Video, or computer program or both.


Do you want to learn about Electrical Engineering Click here!
What is Electricity? Voltage? How to build a generator? What are the parts? Where does energy come from?

How does the human body work? What are calories? What is the nature of everything?

How does an engine work?

How does insulation work?

What is heat?

How do the muscles of the body work?

How does memory work?

How does air work?

How does X-ray works?

How do microwave works?

How does color work?

How does the brain work?

How does the sun work?

How do plants work?

how does water work?

How does uranium work?

How does cooking work?

How does flavor work?

How to make the best tasting foods work?

What is fat?

How come in schools its not mandatory to learn about Everything how the World works, and how things exist? Especially that which is right here, and immediate in our lives.

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