Thursday, May 9, 2019

Day 720 Key Words

It would be nice to create the Education Tool the presents to children the nature of their minds. The nature of the human mind.

The nature of the human physical body.

The nature of Learning.

The most effective ways to Learn.

The information regarding the Mind, the structure of it, and how to change it.

The nature of Reality

The nature of Words

The nature of Energy

The nature of Emotions and Feelings.

The nature of Connotations, Bias and Denotation.

The nature knowledge, and how to know Truth, and how to Test information for yourself

The nature of Opinion

The nature of Trustworthy information

The nature of Responsibility

The nature of Life itself

The nature of Self

The nature of Thought, Memory, Past, Reactions, Opinion, Mind, Self, Belief, Lies, Evil, Live, Awareness, Breathing, The physical, Self-forgiveness, oneness and equality, relationships, groups, money system, world system, inner and outer, back to self, living words.

The nature of the WORDS that are KEYS to SELF, which are all the above words and many more words which are found throughout desteni material.

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