Friday, May 10, 2019

Day 721 A Kitten lived with me once

I one time saw something small running through the neighborhood while walking my dog. It was evening already, so it was a dark shadow. I had walked up to it and got scared and freaked out, as well as my dog equally freaked out. I realized it was a kitten and it ran under the fence of a house. I took my dog back and told my brother. I asked for his help. I grabbed a soft towel. We proceeded over there.

The kitten ran away under the fence again when my brother tried to grab it. I left a note there for the owners of the house. I doubt the kitten was there since it was hanging out by the fire hydrant on the sidewalk.

I came back later and tried again that night. This time we surrounded slowly with the towel, and I was able to quickly/gracefully pick it up securely with the blanket. I held it snug/firm. It seemed happy hanging out there. It wasn't struggling or moving at all. I walked back immediately to our house.

I did get a call the next day by someone from the house. It wasn't theirs.

So that night I kept him in my room. I knew one of my dogs would try to kill it thinking it was a rat. The other one was alright. She was more like a zen Buddhist monk, totally chill dog with whatever was happening.

At first in my room I let him go. I let him do whatever he wanted. He hid under my bed right away. I went and got milk in a small cup, like a shot glass. He would come out and look around and smell the milk. I told him to drink it but he would just smell it and stare at it, hovering right above it.

I finally dunked his mouth in the milk by pushing down and then he started licking it eagerly, now that he had tasted it.

He drank it all. I noticed his belly was quite round. Later on I learned that he had worms, and later on he would take a shit in one of my favorite shorts with all these spaghetti like things in the diarrahea poop. Good news is that the worms were out!

Anyway, so that first night he ended up hanging out with me. We did play, like I would use my hand and pretend my hand is like another kitten for him to play with. When he slept he would curl into a ball on top of me, and pinch me with his nails slightly. It did hurt.

He also would be very active at night, and would be quite restless. Probably too excited to be here and be alive. Later on I would feed him sushi initially. Cats love raw fish!

Eventually we got medicine for the worms, in case there were eggs. And he got kitten food designed to fatten him up cause he was skinny. He would also start to sit tall like a cat, kind of proud.

I remember teaching him to meow, and learning how cats only learn to meow from humans since they don't do that with cats at all naturally.

And also teaching him to use a litter box too. I made a box, and I would initially try to get him to use it, which he got eventually as I pointed to it and encouraged him.

He liked traveling around securely in a blanket/box. And feeling that sense of security/protection I gave him, knowing that he can just chill and be there, be himself.

While there were people encouraging me to keep him, I know I couldn't. Even the chance of my one dog getting him is too much, and its a responsibility I couldn't financially afford.

We sent him with a friend of a friend to a pet relocation up north.

I never liked giving him positive reinforcement. I never liked it when other people did that. Like talking in funny voices, and smiling and making positive statements/sounds. I preferred just recognizing him for who he is, strong, capable, steady/clear, without emotion.

I prefer showing care and living care then making sounds/statements that sound like you care but you won't actually commit and put the effort in.

Too many people LOVE kittens, puppies and babies, but WON"T recognize and let their AWARENESS to be open to the reality of the life of these animals everywhere. Won't COMMIT their lives to make sure the points are corrected EVERYWHERE. Whether its raising a kitten or a baby, I wouldn't want to DEPRIVE them of that awareness and responsibility of Reality.

If you do Care, and really CARE then you will commit. You will commit to find a way, to create a way to make sure it is done. A system of Life that supports and nurtures life everywhere.

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