Monday, March 25, 2019

Day 703 When Responsibility becomes Manifested

So I read this line in my last blog: "Accepting that I did something, the worst of me, is the first step in taking self-responsibility and self-change, and accepting that in the face of irreparable consequence is the first step to freedom."

So I have went through events recently and I have seen I need to Live the word Directive.

And that Living Directive is actually the Full step of Fully Taking Responsibility. Because its preventing consequence.

Being the word Directive means directing what is inside of you in the moment by doing the self-forgiveness in the moment and stopping the mind point so you are clear and empty inside of you in the moment. Being Directive is THEN asking yourself how do you direct this moment to what is best for all.  And then you speak and you move.
           The Living word Directive is you being here and directing the moment and taking full responsibility for the moment by directing it in all aspects and dimensions. It is a presence of yourself. Your voice changes, you stance and posture changes. Who you are changes. You Live and become Directive in the moment. You Direct the situation, the moment and the people, to what is best for all and you do anything/everything that is needed.

So when Consequence does happen, it is important to  accept what has happened and how you allowed that moment to happen, that is the beginning half of taking responsibility. The second half and so the full step is to be directive and direct the moment to prevent the consequence. It does demand perfection, it is pushing past your boundaries, limits and comfort zones. It does require being completely here, in the moment, with the moment, with the situation, people and things in the moment. Emphasis on the people, things and what is happening.

I need to be Directive more often, in more moments of my day. I need to live it in more moments so that it becomes more natural, more learned, more integrated in the memory of the flesh of my physical and the matter of my being. I need to live Directive in the contexts that I am weak and susceptible to abdicating my responsibility, becoming like Jello. I need to change my past and preprogramming. I need to change and become something new.

What I observe and foresee is that when we live Directive, we are creating a foundation of security, trust and reliability that truly allows letting go, relaxation, and moments of Joy, Peace, and Celebration. As within, so without. As with Self, and so with the World Collectively. Among Friendships and Relationships. And for the moment we are Living Directive, and for whoever is in the moment with you.

I have simulated a relationship among two people, it can be any kind of relationship, but when these two people are together and neither of them is living Directive, the relationship is doomed to fail, there will be plenty of conflict, awkwardness, consequence, insecurity, being uncomfortable. Living Directive is necessary. And when I simulate both persons being Directive then it works out well. I have experienced this myself.

Due to the compartmentalize nature of the mind, with certain people and certain contexts its either easy or its a challenge to live Directive. So don't judge yourself as someone that sucks or is great at living Directive. Have you mastered all contexts? Or do you suck in all contexts?Probably Not.

You can do it. Just gotta let yourself do it.

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