We are walking a Journey to Birth Life from the Physical, and so live as One and Equal with and as this Existence

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Day 699 Pumped Up - Redefining and Living Words

I am walking a process of living words. Today I am taking a word that I have lived in some areas of my life already and expanding it. The word is Pumped Up. I have lived in during this last year at my physical labor job, where at any moment I may need to lift something heavy or do some intense physical movement for the job. I also have lived this word when I am doing something my life where I am directing with that tenacity.

Body Dimension
- In my body I feel what I am calling adrenaline with being pumped up.
-In my body I feel I have access to all the sugar and glucose for my cells and muscles to move quickly, and very effectively.
-In my body I feel so strong, so awake and so ready to do anything.
-In my body I can push my limits and go strong.

Being Pumped has dimensions of Directiveness, and being in control, calm. A very masculine presence where I do shout or speak loudly, yet very much to the point and non-emotional.

-I can incorporate this word Pumped Up in my daily exercise routine, where I do move in that intensity and that adrenaline, and so I daily practice in using that intensity for a short time.

- I can incorporate this word in my daily responsibilities and tasks that are more mental based, like on the computer writing, or calling people on the phone to get things done, or any other work that is non-physical labor.

Potential Pitfalls
- I have experienced feeling overwhelmed or over worked where I couldn't let go of the adrenaline rush before. So there is that I have to watch out for, to remember I can let this adrenaline experience go and relax. So essentially not over abuse my body.

- I need to make sure I eat well and eat even calories and hydrate cause being pumped up I use more energy (calories) and its not magically appearing, I need to eat food, and eat balanced meals.

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