Thursday, April 16, 2020

Day 822 Billionaires aren't to blame, we all are.

The other day I was talking with someone about something that I had observed recently. And this is how the reason why the Billionaires and the Elite aren't doing what they can to help people like truly and not fakely, is because they don't see all others as themselves. They don't have that point of course you are me and I am you, that sense of equality and oneness with yourself, with others, with your reality. Because if they did then the action would follow naturally.

So the main reason why this is important is the point of how we blame the billionaires for the issue, when the heart of the issue is with their heart, and so with our heart. So in our hearts as humanity, are we standing within oneness and equality with humanity? with reality? with each other? with everyone? The answer is no.

Because if the answer were yes, then everytime you would ever engage in a conversation with someone, you would listen to them fully, you would ask questions fully, you would see the world through their eyes, and truly say and do what is supportive truly. But we don't do that. We just form ideas and opinions and we talk over others. We don't see not even something that has life or worthy of basic respect. The reason comes down to what we accept and allow ourselves to be, and our reality to be. It either becomes a point of ego/selfishness where the world revolves around you and your point of view, or it becomes standing as one and equal as all. And it is quite a dramatic shift. You can try to do it for moment of your day, try shifting your perspective inside of yourself.

There really isn't a middle ground so much when it comes to whether you apply this or not. So its quite dramatic, so you do for example, feel it in your heart and in your senses and in how your body feels: you do feel whole, one, and you do see more, you are more quiet and you do take on the challenges of your programming to be here, to help more, to listen more, to forgive more, to correct more and apply more.

And the more you do it, you will start to see in others whether they do the same, because it really becomes a point that the best way to act in the same given situation is the one choice. Like being supportive is clear, and hearing someone out, listening to them, engaging with them, seeing them, and seeing yourself as them = that leads to a certain expression and outcome. Where it won't be all that unique really. One way to put it is you know when someone is a friend, or loves you.

So being angry at the billionaires is not the way. And even if you had all the money in the world and was as rich as Jeff Bezos, even if you somehow get something like an equal money system in place, realize that it can only last if in the hearts of the people, we are truly standing as one and equal. If its not in the heart then it will fall/crumble no matter the amount of resources or pressure you put on the outside of things. Because that point that views itself as separate from all will triumph because it hadn't been dealt with. That needs work to change.

So world change will go hand in hand with self-change. That is the only way, otherwise your actions will be futile.

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