We are walking a Journey to Birth Life from the Physical, and so live as One and Equal with and as this Existence

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Day 49 The Secret you Know

The purpose and meaning of Life is Friendship and Love. Right!
It's like tackling someone you love and kissing them! Love is a verb.

Love isn't all that mushy nervous emotions. Love is fun! Love is grabbing someone by the hand and telling them CMON!!! yanking on them with enthusiasm. Follow me, lets go!!!And you start running together hand in hand. You climb some trees. You lay down on the grass and just smell it. You chase each other. You play hide and seek.

Friendship is telling your friend that you appreciate them. Is telling them that you don't want to go and want to stay right here.

Friendship is not something you have, it is something you ARE. Love isn't something you have its' something you do.

Your friends don't have to be smart or beautiful. That is not what makes a friends. Being a friend just takes kindness, care, respect, being there for them, sweetness, being understanding, being supportive, that's it. Nothing to do with compatibility, or how smart you are or how talented you are. You guys can be complete opposite it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter your similarity, or how many interests you share together. It doesn't matter how different in skills you are. It doesn't matter the money you make. Being a friends takes kindness, gentleness, caring, sweetness, thoughtfulness, respectful, understanding, supportive, being there for the other. It takes a smile on your face. It takes living fun.

Living this way as yourself means you will never have a boring day ever again! Everyday will be fun and full of enjoyment, excitement, thrill!

I'm going to write an imaginary moment, buts its so much more real than so many real everyday moments people live. So its it really real? is it really imaginary then at all?

In the mountains at the top of the peaks. Breathing in the fresh air as I close my eyes and turn my head slightly from the right to the left, all in one motion. Grabbing a blanket and it turns into a sled and I slide down the mountain giggling and hollering in laughter. I feel the bump of the stairs on my bum. We land on the bottom of the stairs. We had covered the stairs in blankets and made a slide out of it.

I grab your hand and we run into the fields, we scream and yell FREEDOM!!!!!! and laugh. I push you to the grass and start running. You chase after me. I am laughing hysterically. I slow down, look at you and let you catch up. I let you grab me, and I grab you. I sit down. And just take a deep breath. Ahhh!!! Lay back on the grass and just enjoy this moment. I grab the grass with my hands. I feel it, pull on it a bit, without pulling out the grass from its roots. I close my eyes.

I feel the swell of the water. Cool to the touch. I jumped in a pool of water. I swim underneath, holding my breath. I go up again and take a breath. I lay back on my back and just breath, just floating.

Lets go paint a mural! We paint the same mural, putting whatever we want. We walk slowly backwards, one step of the time, in public. 

We just explore the city, no idea where we are going, no plans, just exploring and getting lost!!! We walk for hours!

A moment of silence. A nurturing for my soul. Hearing truth. Hearing people sing/say truth. The absolute truth. The relative truth of the times. The opening of the soul into words. Speaking, breathing the truth. Saying, sharing, writing, hearing, listening the truth. Seeing deep into reality. See deep into a man's soul that he opens up for all to see. Raw, tender, sensitive, Here for all to bask in the sunshine of the innermost truth. Nothing of you hidden. Completely here, bearing all for all to see.  A nurturing for the soul.

The words the person spoke/sang was specific and unmistakable. The way they said the words, the order of it, their tonality, is specific. It is undeniable. Its certain. Its not an accident and completely on purpose. It is known, it is lived. It is real, true. It cannot be faked. Its deep. It goes deeper than anything.

C'mon!!! Yeah!! Let's start running!!!

We know bringing about the end of Poverty, starvation, murder and rape is what a real Friend and real Love would do. So we will do it. We'll end it. www.desteni.org Everywhere! Forever!

To actually do what I'm writing here, is as simple as doing it. But its all the shit inside you, that you allow to block you from doing that. That's what desteni can help you with. It will take a minimum of 7 years of application to change from the old self into the new self. One day children can be shown how to live into the real self from birth, but that's only possible in a world full of adults already living that. Master you mind, your self, and the process.  You can do it!

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