We are walking a Journey to Birth Life from the Physical, and so live as One and Equal with and as this Existence

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Day 48 I believe in the Power of Self-forgiveness

I believe any person can forgive themselves for anything they have done, and take responsibility for it, and then change who they are. I believe the soul, or the spirit, or the being of the person is powerful enough to overcome ANY situation or challenge. I also KNOW that people will fall and stumble, include fall into old habits, fall into mistakes. And I KNOW that people with perseverance can recommit to their change and get back up again, until a point where they just won't fall down anymore. I know that it DOESN"T MATTER how many times you fall, its about whether you PICK YOURSELF UP AGAIN that matters.

I believe in the human spirit, soul, being. I believe in you. No matter what you have down, or who you have become in this life... you can change and become someone different. You can become your highest self, your fullest potential, your god-like self. The self that is truly best for this entire existence.

Anyone can apply self-forgiveness. Anyone can. Anyone can live the self-responsibility to change who they are, to full live out what their self-forgiveness entails of them. 

The people of Desteni have shown that people can change through self-forgiveness. So that means you can change!


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