Are you someone trustworthy? Could people trust you do what is best for all, in all situations, forever? Or will you betray people's trust for yourself as an individual separate from the whole?

Becoming someone trustworthy, reliable will be a process. There is no magic here. There is just effort, hardwork, determination, and commitment. Eventually any man can change their own fate with enough time. But time does run out. We do all die.

This world is all of ours, it is our responsibility. Not to do with what we please, but to nurture and care for. Just as we use the earth for nourishing and caring for our bodies, and us as one people. Life never dies, but our opportunity as individuals to get access to Life can die, we can miss out on it.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The Power of One Lie

One lie has tremendous power. Telling the truth is not about being good. Being Honest is about what is best for all. You wouldn't want to be lied to, so you can't lie to another. If everyone lied, then we wouldn't be able to trust one another.

Lying actually creates an inefficiency, it wastes time. Economically it wastes time, and so effort and so money. Lying is the same as secrets. When we keep secrets we also waste time, and so effort and money. When we refuse to share and open up information we create inefficiency, we waste time, we waste money. When all information is known and shared, when all technology is open and shared, honestly, truthfully than we as a whole progress, we as a whole prosper. 

One lie gives permission to lie all the time. When we deceive, when we hide, when we hoard, when we attack, it creates inefficiency, we waste time, we waste money. If all the competitors shared all their knowledge, all their technology, all their secrets, when everyone spoke the truth of all products, all businesses, all services, where no lie is ever spoken than we SAVE money, and SAVE time, and be efficient and be effective. Because look here, when you buy something you DON"T NEED, because you were lied to, deceived or manipulated through advertisements, through salespeople, through lies than that is a waste of money. When you buy something that is poorly built and breaks quicker, that is a waste of resources and manpower and time that went into making the product, shipping the product, and you buying the product and going back later when it breaks to buy a new one. This is a waste of time, money and power, that could have been used to something else, which could have been anything, including better human life, better our lives, making sure all have access to food, water, and money. Realize that anytime where inefficiency occurs, that that could have been applied within supporting people and supporting life and getting access to their own life and betterment.

So one lie affects everyone, affects this entire reality. One lie matters.

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