Are you someone trustworthy? Could people trust you do what is best for all, in all situations, forever? Or will you betray people's trust for yourself as an individual separate from the whole?

Becoming someone trustworthy, reliable will be a process. There is no magic here. There is just effort, hardwork, determination, and commitment. Eventually any man can change their own fate with enough time. But time does run out. We do all die.

This world is all of ours, it is our responsibility. Not to do with what we please, but to nurture and care for. Just as we use the earth for nourishing and caring for our bodies, and us as one people. Life never dies, but our opportunity as individuals to get access to Life can die, we can miss out on it.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Day 45 I achieved everything I ever desired, and it meant nothing. What now?

Looking back across my life, I have had many desires and dreams fulfilled. I have experience great things.

I have experienced what's its like to be in a relationship. I experienced what its like to have lots of sex. I have experienced what its like to feel so much love. I have experienced what its like to have amazing friends. I have experienced moments of great laughter and fun.

I have also had my dreams fulfilled. I was able to work and do what I really wanted. I was able to do things I have always wanted to be able to do. I have conquered so many fears and limitations.

During the last years I have experienced somethings strange, where it felt like I had done what I always wanted, and that I have no goal to work towards. At the same time, everything that I desired and wanted was false. This including the places I wanted to work. This includes all of my relationships and friendships. None of it was real or lasted. They were all temporary.

Now looking back across my life experience, based on what I know now, what is my choice for what I desire now? What is my choice for what goal I want? My choice will be backed by my life experience.

The only thing that matter is there being people, people that Exist, therefore BEING people that are honest, consistent, unshakeable committed to Integrity, honesty, respect, preservation, enhancement of all forms of Life. I mean, people that are committed to their deaths. People that are the most Committed, most integrity, like impossible to persuade, or change. Who never cheat, manipulate harm at the cost of life. Where what matters is all life. So the real definition and living of GOOD.

The reason why this matters is because of the following. People that are your friends and loved ones, they will screw you and other forms at life, if they are not this. People that are your coworkers and bosses, will screw you and anyone else, if they are not this. Basically, they will leave you. They will harm you and abuse you. And if you are not equally this then you too will do the same to everyone else given the right circumstances and moments.

People that are committed to Life will never change.

You could have all the money in the world, all the tv, movies. drugs, and whatever. People being what is best for all is all that matters. I have experienced everything I ever wanted, and none of it worked out, because people are not being what is best for all. You cannot ever have a successful relationship, job, or fulfilling one if they, including you, are not best for all. It's impossible. You can fake it, and fake appearance, and even be filthy rich, but it won't fulfill you.

This is what I have learned this life so far. Nothing else matters but this.

SO. This is now what I desire and this will be my only desire. It's not about what I receive. Its about what everyone receives. Because all the other wishes and dreams like world peace, and food for everyone and money for everyone, they will all be meaningless in a WORLD with people that are not best for all, that are unshakeable committed, that are Godly in their principles that are trustworthy, honest and completely Good for all. It would be meaningless otherwise. So that is why this is the only point that matters most. Because having anything else yet NOT this would be fruitless.

People that stand for what is best for all will still support having food for all, and money for all etc... and world peace, but the PEOPLE that are what is best for all are the gift. The food, the money and peace are not the gift. It is the people. Because people are the ones that grow food. Because people are the ones that do services and make goods that people buy with money. People are the ones that don't fight and so maintain peace. It is all people.

So the greatest gift and desire you could have is with people being what is best for all. That is what I desire and that is the only thing I desire. I desire nothing else.

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