Are you someone trustworthy? Could people trust you do what is best for all, in all situations, forever? Or will you betray people's trust for yourself as an individual separate from the whole?

Becoming someone trustworthy, reliable will be a process. There is no magic here. There is just effort, hardwork, determination, and commitment. Eventually any man can change their own fate with enough time. But time does run out. We do all die.

This world is all of ours, it is our responsibility. Not to do with what we please, but to nurture and care for. Just as we use the earth for nourishing and caring for our bodies, and us as one people. Life never dies, but our opportunity as individuals to get access to Life can die, we can miss out on it.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Living my only Desire

My only desire to for there to BE people that are best for all, best for all life. So how can I make there be? By making it, by creating it. Making and creating takes time.

I live in a world where my time is dependent on money. If I have none, my time is up. So I need money. If I go for a career that is well secured, has a long future, that is stable, that pays well, then I should do that. If I don't I will have a mediocre job that is not secure, unsure future, unstable, doesn't pay well and I wouldn't have the time anyway to create or make anything.

Within having a stable career I will have SOME time I can dedicate to creating/making people, the future, which is better than NO time, and it will be for as long as I live because the work is stable and has a long future. This is the best I can do. If I could have someone PAY for me to be able to create/make the people and the future for the REST of my life I would do it. The same as as I do my career and make money for the rest of my life I will PAY my money to support someone or some people to DO what it is that IIIII would be doing if someone were to PAY for me to do. The reason why is that CREATING and MAKING people that are best for all, is making and creating the only future that matters, and the only thing that matters. These KIND of people are what matters. No other KIND of people matter. The kind of skin color, the kind of language, the kind of education, the kind of country or kind of wealth you are don't matter. What matters is that you are best for all life, because you will protect life, preserve life, enhance life, and care for ALL. No other kind of person matters, none at all.

So that is why I work in stable career. Cause I need money. And so I should go for the most stable career and money, and thereby with what money extra I have I can be financing or paying for the living of someone or some people STABLY with stable income to create/make people that are best for all. And what free time I do have, which I will have some, I will spend time creating such people. The easiest way to create someone to be best for all is to show them how you created yourself to be what is best for all. So you require first walking the path to becoming what is best for all. That's the first thing you must do with the free time you have. What's cool is that as you work and the time you work to make money, you can practice and apply being what is best for all. So you don't only wait to apply best for all in free time. In your free time is where you can delve deeper in writing and investigation and you prepare yourself to apply during your entire day, which includes work time. SO when you work, you are applying what you prepared to do in your free time. So you are always working with what is best for all. Always.

What matters a bit more with free time is when you use that time to help others with their questions and being an example through what you write and share online or share through videos online. Because people need to see you and hear your words and read your words because you are an example to something they have never seen before. That is why free time matters and why it is precious, because you can't earn money so much from such things unless people give it to you directly like donation, which is possible. But again such people need to have free monies to give you, which require them having a good job with good future etc... So that is why for everyone that can get a job/career that is stable and has long future and pays well, to do so, and then use that money to support those who are walking the path of what is best for all, especially those who simply cannot earn the same money, because of some limitations that are outside of their control.

What is best for all is what matters, and it can only manifest in people. People must be the ones that speak, live, and be what is best for all. They are the only ones, so they are the focus. That is our future.

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