Are you someone trustworthy? Could people trust you do what is best for all, in all situations, forever? Or will you betray people's trust for yourself as an individual separate from the whole?

Becoming someone trustworthy, reliable will be a process. There is no magic here. There is just effort, hardwork, determination, and commitment. Eventually any man can change their own fate with enough time. But time does run out. We do all die.

This world is all of ours, it is our responsibility. Not to do with what we please, but to nurture and care for. Just as we use the earth for nourishing and caring for our bodies, and us as one people. Life never dies, but our opportunity as individuals to get access to Life can die, we can miss out on it.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Day 42 The Physical, Continued

The Earth, the air, the water, the land, the nature, the plant.

Animals, the body, the muscles, organs, cells.


To serve this physical reality. To serve this body. To live for the physical.

Living as the physical. Living as the hands, arms, legs, toes, chest, breath, body.

Moving, doing what is needed for the physical.

Imagine people living as Physical.

Imagine all physical needs taken care of.

Imagine growth and expansion of the physical.

Imagine the nurture, care of the physical.

Imagine Living as the physical.

Imagine living no more as mind.

Imagine Living no more as what we think.

Imagine all definitions we think, opinions we think DROP.

Imagine Only Being Here, Physical.

Imagine only the physical is here.

Lets stop serving the mind, and instead use the Mind to serve the Physical.

No more separation.

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