Are you someone trustworthy? Could people trust you do what is best for all, in all situations, forever? Or will you betray people's trust for yourself as an individual separate from the whole?

Becoming someone trustworthy, reliable will be a process. There is no magic here. There is just effort, hardwork, determination, and commitment. Eventually any man can change their own fate with enough time. But time does run out. We do all die.

This world is all of ours, it is our responsibility. Not to do with what we please, but to nurture and care for. Just as we use the earth for nourishing and caring for our bodies, and us as one people. Life never dies, but our opportunity as individuals to get access to Life can die, we can miss out on it.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Day 41 The Physical

I serve the Physical. I don't serve the mind. It's time that we all stop serving the mind, and having everything, including the physical, serve the mind. Instead, its time we start having the mind and ourselves to serve the physical.

Care for the physical.

Guard the physical.

Serve the Physical




The physical.

The meaning of Life is the Physical, it is not the Mind.

The meaning of Life is not our mental experience, or mental definitions.

The Meaning of Life is not what we think, but what is physical

Everything in our heads is delusion and we can believe or create anything imaginary in our heads.

In the physical things are real. They are touchable, they are 3D, they are stable.

It's time we serve and live for the physical..

We fulfill our purpose and meaning when we serve the physical.

We have a full and complete life when we serve the physical.

We need to change our money system so that it serves the physical, so that no more hunger exists, no more living without homes, no more suffering from lack of needs met, lack of money, lack of resources. We need to serve the Physical. Our minds are not real. Our minds have no value. Our minds should be used to serve the physical

Let's do what's best for all, not what is best for the mind.

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