Tuesday, October 13, 2015

I want to see the world change. Do you?

I want to see the world change. I want to see everyone standing up, coming together, and change how things work. I want to see people being selfless by doing the work, making the sacrifice/commitment to the work and positions within a society that does what is best for everyone. I want to see the young people standing up, I want to see the old generations standing up. I want to see everyone from every background and culture uniting for this one purpose; our common ground, which is the land we stand upon. That we fix the money system, that we cover all the holes that leak. That no more do people fall through the cracks into poverty into making decisions that are bad for them that go against their real talents and life purpose. No one should have to work to make money to survive.  Survival is outdated. We haven't had to survive for centuries! We have been living in an age of abundance for so long. At this point survival is artificial, its not real. But we have been accepting and allowing it to be real to be the reality that we live in. It has to stop. Not stopping it isn't an option. We destroy ourselves, our future, and any hope if we allow any of us to live within survival and poverty. What does that say about who we are as people? If you have any religion, code of honor or ethics, what would your God say, or who would you be under your code of honor/ethics? Do you think anyone could look at who we are and say that they are proud that we are doing the right thing? No, they would have to be delusional, or plain evil. Poverty/survival, being preventable, yet it still exists? That is evil. I couldn't think up a more selfish, self-centered, twisted, corrupted tale. That is our legacy and that is the lesson we are teaching our children unless we change it! And I know that is not how I want to go out. I would die fighting for a better world. And if that means going into politics, speaking out, talking to people, reaching out, constantly day in and day out, then that is what I will do. Because I want to see the world change. Do you?

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