Saturday, October 24, 2015

Human Potential 405

We are each of us born with great potential. What is this potential? It is the power and ability to become something. You have the power to create this world the world how you want it, but there is a catch, so can everyone else. So it is a catch 22. You have power, but so does everyone else. That is why the only answer that can exist and work for everyone is to do what is best for everyone. We can all agree there. Our potential is already here at our finger tips. We just require the will to move it, and make it so. The ability to learn, do, see, remember, is part of your very self and body. You can learn and do anything. However it takes time. And it takes luck. Some of us unfortunately don't have a say or power to express as much as others, due to the environment. Yet even within that you have the power to decide how you are, and thus who you are. Even in the worst slavery, you have that power. And this will surely create ripple effects in the people around you. The greatest power is and always will be the Life Force within us all. Everything else that is considered power is just a derivative of that. Thus by our acceptance and allowance all the evils and pain/suffering exists as they do. Because we have the power to stop them. The sooner we realize the power we each have, the sooner we can apply it and support one another, and so the sooner we will fix the mess we have created. We are in this together. No matter what happens, whether we succeed or fail, it will be together.

So live up to your potential. Don't settle for anything less. Who you are, matters.

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