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Self is the Key. You are the Key. You have the power. You are the power. You need to know the power. You need to know yourself. You need to know who you are right now in this moment in what you are thinking and feeling. And you need to start stopping whatever it is that is not best for you. You need to start stopping that which is harmful to Life.

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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

What does your body need to be its greatest potential? For Vegetarians and Vegans 282

So this is something very important for those considering becoming vegetarian/vegan or have been vegetarian/vegan. I myself went to do a blood exam and I found that I was low in the vitamin B12. B12 is something that isn't found in plants. The reason why I was low in B12 is because I grew up as a vegetarian, and my parents were vegetarian, however I would eat a meat substitute that add B12 added into it. I ate this regularly, however, I remember seeing myself as generally slower and not as strong as most other people. I however didn't let that stop me from playing games, playing sports and even pushing my body. I remember being quite healthy and stronger than the average person when it came to physical fitness. But I also wasn't the strongest either. I remember specifically a moment in my childhood where I made the decision, which was also a game, to try to conserve as much energy as possible, and move as little as possible, and save it until I needed it. So I learned to play and be a defensive person when it came to life, games, sports, and general strategy/thinking. This formed a core part of who I am as a person.

So I did come from the doctors yesterday, and now that I have had time to do research on what B12 is, I have learned something interesting. B12 serves two purposes. The 1st purpose is required Folic Acid to be present as well, and together they defend/prevent a deterioration of certain parts of the brain and memory. The 2nd purpose is for assisting the cells to release and so have access to energy, what you call a metabolic process. So this 2nd purpose then would explain why I would feel more tired easily, because my cells are not having enough access to the food/energy that is available in my body. As a side note, Folic Acid is found only in leafy green and vegetables, and B12 is only found in meat. Therefore you need both for purpose 1.

Something interesting that I observe is that, vegetarians and vegans, if they do not find a way to maintain healthy levels of B12, they will experience a loss of energy and tiredness. Historically, meat has always been seen as a prized substance that makes someone strong. You would feed meat to your soldiers in armies, or if you would be wealthy like a king, you would eat meat. If you were a peasant, or poor, you wouldn't have access to meat. Therefore you wouldn't have access to B12, and you would therefore feel more sluggish, slow and tire easily. So it is a vicious cycle, especially when you consider the following:

When they ran studies on how much B12 is needed, they found that you only need a very small daily amount, about 2.4 mcg. However when they had people with a deficiency or low amount of B12 in their bodies, the amount needed to lead to a sizable increase in B12 was 200 times that amount, which is 500 mcg. So therefore, if you have low B12, it is much more difficult to restore it to balance, if you do not have regular access to B12, and of sufficient high quantity.

Now I have a background in Psychology, and something we learned in Clinical Psychology, was that some emotional moods, such as depression, can be purely the result of the physical condition, and so deficiency/malfunction, of the body. Psychologists are trained to test whether it a depressed mood is a result of a physical condition first, before suggesting any psychological treatment. As for my case, I have generally felt tired, slower, in comparison to other people. I did believe/think that this is just how I am, an almost inherent part of my personality. But, one can easily see the possibility that it can merely be a physical condition that is leading to this affect on a personality level. When I look at persons in poverty, I can easily see how they might feel depressed/hopeless about their situation, which could even be a result of their poor diet, and lack of access to meat. So the next time you see a homeless person, or someone poor, and they don't seem happy, this could be why, that their body is missing essential ingredients to be its greatest potential.

Now for those that would consider not eating meat, in order to save animals, I have a question for you. What animals are you saving if you choose to not support your body with what it needs to be its absolute potential? Because you are obviously not helping yourself. And are you doing anything that will definitely affect and change how animals are treated? Let's say if you are making a change/impact on how animals will be treated, would you be doing yourself and the animals any favor if you do not have access to your body's fullest potential? You have the see the difference between Animals as who they are, versus a single animal. What needs to change is our relationship to all Animals, and how they will be treated in the Future. Saving a few animals today, to make yourself feel better today, won't change how all Animals will be treated. The change that needs to happen is at a societal or systematic level. To bring about this change will require political initiative, and many supporters with the funds, resources and time to do it. Essentially a lot of work, and so Energy. Will you be able to do this work to the best of your capacity if you do not have access to your body's fullest potential? No. So, it's time to get smart. Stop playing a Victim, and making yourself powerless. You have the energy, if you just support the body with what it needs to be strong, its fullest potential. We are all going to die one day, and other little animals will eat of your flesh/body. You don't want to look back and see that you could have done more, but didn't due to pride, and ignorance. So investigate and find a way to bring about a permanent, lasting change in our fundamental relationship to animals, one that is practical. For this investigate Living Income, which has my fullest support, and will pave the way to changing our relationship to animals, by empowering everyone with the time, money, and strength, as what their physical body's fullest potential is.

The children are our future, and as I can be a living testament to what happens when parents act within morality and ignorance, as to what is best for their child. I suggest we parents/adults find for ourselves, what is the best way to support our physical body, and utilize the science/medicine/tests and so knowledge available to do so. Because when you are a child entering this world, you are ignorant and so innocent. You will believe that what you feel and think and how you experience yourself is who you are, when that may not be so, and may be an illusion, and point of ignorance, and even misinformation. So it is better that we in today present time, find the ways that are best for us to live, and then have that ready for the next generation of children. It is time to stop the cycle where we keep on repeating the same mistakes that generations have made.

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