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Monday, June 22, 2015

Palm Oil in Nutella destroys rainforest? 292

Nutella is evil? Or are we judging? 291
Nutella is evil? Or are we judging? 291

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Nutella is Evil or Are we judging?
Nutella is evil? Or are we judging? 291Nutell

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"What's so wrong with a touch of Nutella on your toast? Well, a whole lot, according to France's ecology minister Segolene Royal. This past week, she urged the public to stop eating the hazelnut spread because it is made with palm oil. The production of palm oil has had a major impact on the environment, threatening rain forests and wildlife. Palm oil is everywhere. It's in cookies and ice cream and other treats you buy from the store. It's a popular ingredient because it doesn't contain trans-fats. So, is palm oil something to be embraced or avoided? Glenn Hurowitz is the chairman of the Forest Heroes campaign, which promotes sustainable agriculture. He joins us here in our studios in Washington. Thanks for coming in.,............


So if you listened/read the above interview, you are now more informed about the situation with Palm Oil. 

Now obviously the title of my blog "Palm Oil in Nutella destroys rainforest? " is ridiculous because a a chocolate desert cannot destroy a rainforest. Especially since it is the palm oil that is more directly involved. So perhaps we should all ban palm oil. That would fix the problem right? Well, No it wouldn't. Because the problem is how the palm oil, and so palm trees are grown.

So for those who didn't read/listened to the above interview then I will explain that companies across the world saw it as extremely profitable to cut down rainforest to make room for large plantations, because the soil/earth of the rainforest are very very rich, thus making the growing of any agricultural product such as palm trees as extremely easy. This means they can earn a lot more money with a lot less effort. So really, this has nothing to do with palm oil, because if we all just ban palm oil, they could just grow some other plants for profit in those same locations. So people, please, common sense.

The only solution could be to criminalize practices that harm the environment AND/OR (I prefer the second option) to make sure everyone has a Living Income, why? Because the people that are farmers and work in these kind of abusive practices are POOR. And so if they had a living income they could have the luxury of Morality, or doing what is right or doing what is best for the environment, earth and everyone. Because realize, that as long as your surviving you need to do whatever it takes, and so our system is directly causing all the abuses happening right now, from prostitution, to porn, to clubbing baby seals, to farming factory practices, to the inadequate education system, to EVERYTHING, Because everywhere there are people compromising because they are trying to earn an income to survive. So if we change that one point where people can have a guarantee to a life/living and not fear surviving/dying, then they can stand up and choose better ways/jobs and they don't have to take shit from companies. So let's do this! This should be all of our priorities.

Living Income Guaranteed for Everyone! Guarantee Life!

Nutella is evil? Or are we judging? 291
Nutella is evil? Or are we judging? 291

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