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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Nutella is evil? Or are we judging? 291
"Just days after Nutella came under fire for allegedly contributing to tropical deforestation and global warming, the environmental organization Greenpeace came to the producer's defense.
Earlier this week, during an interview with French cable channel Canal+, French ecology minister Segolene

Royal left Nutella lovers aghast when she called for a boycott of the hazelnut spread, saying, “We must stop eating Nutella because it’s made with palm oil.”

Royal blasted Italian company Ferrero, producer of Nutella, for its use of palm oil – a key ingredient in Nutella –  saying it leads to deforestation. This devastation leads to the release of carbon into the atmosphere, a key contributor to global warming, Royal said

But Greenpeace says boycotting Nutella, or any other product made from palm oil, will not solve the problem.

The organization says producers, manufacturers and consumers must do their part together “using pressure and the promise of continued dollars to support true change on the ground.”

In defense of the company, Greenpeace said Ferrero is known to be a transformative force in the palm oil sector, especially after adopting the Ferrero Palm Oil Charter.

According to the company's website, Ferrero works to ensure that palm oil suppliers are taking precautions to avoid harming the environment, such as avoiding the use of fire to clear land or clearing High Carbon Stock forests.

After receiving harsh backlash from Italy's environment minister, Gian Luca Galletti, and other Italian politicians, Royal apologized for the controversy on Twitter."


So the past few days people were incorrectly judging one company's use of one type of ingredient that is produced by some people that is done in a harmful way. So? Why should we blame one company for using an ingredient, when this would do nothing but blame? Why don't we ensure that palm oil and all ingredients/products cause no harm?

Investigate Living Income as the way to make sure that we can make sure that everyone and everything on this planet is respected as one and equal.

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  1. other than this being only a news fiasco and done in the usual "oh we just tell them another lie that is easier to believe", it's not the deforestation with fire that's the problem.
    the problem is the deforestation itself and it's NOT because of putting too much carbon in the atmosphere, because that is filtered by algeae in the sea by a much larger amount than all trees combined, but because it's the abuse of existing natural grounds. yes it's a change of the planet surface, in such a huge amount that it's changing it's systems, yet the real problem is coming from the carelessness of the motivation, or starting point thereof, doing as much profit by creating artificial demand and producing a supply to it while abusing HUMANS along with a substance that should not be consumed by humans for longevity or stable bodily functions.
    so as i see it based on my own many hours of reshearch it's triple abuse plus the media coverups.
    Greenpeace also defends them because they get lots of money as charity from such high companies and its good for both because of tax-relief and economy grinding that will eventually collapse.
    so all in all, no nutella is not evil, ferrero is not evil, the global food controlling company and it's leaders are not evil. just doing abuse as a means of doing it from fears, hopes, greed, and all the other emotions and feelings.
    theres even more to this, but i stop here.