The Self is the key. You are the key. If you want to make things better, focus on yourself. Do you have a relationship with yourself? Are you able to hold yourself and know yourself? Do you know what you are feeling? Do you know what you are thinking? Are you here with yourself? Do you Know yourself?

Self is the Key. You are the Key. You have the power. You are the power. You need to know the power. You need to know yourself. You need to know who you are right now in this moment in what you are thinking and feeling. And you need to start stopping whatever it is that is not best for you. You need to start stopping that which is harmful to Life.

Be the Self that is Free from all limitation, pain, abuse, destruction, and full of creation, ability, and potential. You start becoming through self-forgiveness.

Would you like to have a relationship with Your self?

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Day 247 The Quanari: the grass people and their gift Part 1

There are a people known as Quanari that are marked by a distinct feature. They are completely covered by grass. Grass roots burrow deep inside their bodies, bodies just like a humans. But a new born Quanari child has no grass leaves or roots. You see, there grass leaves are given, grown and spread amongst each other as they grow, and it takes years for the grass to take root. But what are these grasses really? They are thoughts. For the Quanari people, their thoughts are manifested as grasses.
A traveler came upon the Quanari land for the first time, and saw its people. He was intrigued and interested. He spent time among the people got to know them, and they were completely like any human. They had cars, families, jobs, money etc… The only difference was this grass. The traveler learned how the grasses grew, not through direct teaching but from observation. You see, the Quanari would value certain grasses, and it was a point of pride, yet in reality the Quanari were not fully aware that their grasses were connected to their thoughts. They had believed that grasses grew because they represented an intrinsic nature of that individual. So they truly believed your grasses defined who you are and what value you have as an individual. Some had amazing grasses and others had poor grasses, and that’s was just the way it is. Or so they thought.
After years of investigation, observation, and research, when our traveler learned the truth behind these grasses, a curious thing happened. The traveler himself saw that he had grasses of his own! But they weren’t as manifested or obvious as the Quanari, yet they were exactly the same: thoughts. He had thoughts about how he isn’t a good or worthy son, about how he hasn’t amounted to anything in life and so have no value. And what he found was that how he felt and reacted to his thoughts resembled the came coloration and depiction of the variety grasses the Quanari people had. There was a pattern or system in relation to occurs inside of us and the Quanari had the advantage of seeing such grasses on their outward body, if only they were aware of it.
The traveler, and now resident, who has been embraced as a new member of the Quanari society, had decided to work with the people in removing these grasses that were actually thoughts. He went through a lengthy process of showing the people that they had grasses and that they were representations of their thoughts. Only a few that he spoke to showed interest and promise. But he knew that if a few would understand and take on this journey that this would be enough for now, and to start with. So he and his small group started a series of investigations.
One of the curious discoveries of the grasses is that if you tried pulling the grasses out of another person, you could only pull the leaves out, but never the root. This meant that the grass would always grow back. Yet you can show the leaves to the host, thus providing some information or insight into the exact nature of the grass. And each grass was distinct in color and formation. And from these colors and formations formed patterns with specific thoughts. They found that there was a specific system that was more or less predictable based on the appearance of the grasses. The other curious point is that when they were looking at removing the root of the grasses, that only the host could reach down and pull the root out, yet to insure that the existent grasses wouldn’t now take this opportunity to expand into the recently emptied space/land, the exact thought must be identified. Because within identifying the thought which lead to the manifestation of the grasses in that specific spot, the person would essentially occupy that space. Because what allowed the thoughts to form as grasses in, on and throughout the body, was the person. Because remember all babies were born without grasses, and for the grasses to be accepted the person must accept them and allow them. This was the one of the great discoveries made in the small group. With this they made significant changes, in not only in the grasses/thoughts, but within the people themselves. Just like how the traveler had self-defeating and inferiority thoughts, so did the Quanari. And the change required involved what the people would accept and allow within themselves.

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