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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Multiple Orgasms Part 1 290

So I am going to explore multiple orgasms in a series of blogs. It is a huge topic and it can be overwhelming and difficult to even talk about. So for today I am going to just give an introduction and overview.

So if we look at the reports women are having trouble achieving both orgasm, and so also multiple orgasm. "In studies, about 15 percent of women report having experienced multiple orgasms."

Unfortunately I couldn't find any reports for how many men experience multiple orgasms, but at least some do have multiple orgasms.
"Most people - men and women included - assume that an orgasm and male ejaculation are one and the same. Actually, the male orgasm generally takes place several seconds before the ejaculation itself; and in fact, men can experience an orgasm without ejaculating at all - good news for guys who were wondering whether they can come multiple times."

So both men and women can have orgasms, and multiple orgasms. The big question is how.
For that question, I have an answer that will require another day to write. But I will leave this helpful link for those curious enough.


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