Friday, August 30, 2019

Day 748 - Unlocking your Hidden Beauty - through self-expression

When I was a child my aunt told me very specifically how a woman can be very beautiful, but be very nasty, ugly on the inside. Since then I have had that view of who a person is is what counts most of all. Also why the desteni process and focus on SELF, and who you are is the most important thing there is.

Real beauty as expression has nothing to do with Energy- Energy as the Mind- Energy as Feelings- Anything about Positive connotations etc... Not good or bad as energy/emotion/feeling or judgment. If you start with this starting point then you will be able to explore what Beauty is as an expression.... But until you do that, you will only have an IDEA about what beauty as self-expression is. There's no amount of thinking or preparation needed. Just start in the individual moments---- if you have any energy movements with regards to anyone's image/appearance, good or bad, STOP IT. Keep doing that, and don't stop. Eventually you will get to the point and understand.

Redefining words goes hand in hand with Living the Correction as a physical self-expression, which you do as you stop the energy of a mind point. It said that from the point of Nothingness, is where you can create for Real. It makes sense doesn't it?

I can bet anyone can decide in any individual moment- in any moment- if you see you are reacting with energy to anything, that you can truly stop it- if you really do hold yourself back with your entire will/self, you can do it. It comes down to self and to practice. Nothing more or less. Besides that--- it is to write and understand why, which are the other desteni tools, and to effectively redefine anything requires understanding. Can't just skip steps.

Redefining words is meant as a way to support your process. It doesn't and can't replace the other tools of process. So its not either or. Its in addition to stopping energy. If you don't stop the energy or give up on trying to stop it, then your expression won't come through. Being able to differentiate between energy as the mind and real PHYSICAL self-expression is important.

So what are some pitfalls here? Basically Energy is Energy, Positive Energy goes up and it will go down again into negative energy as emotion. These can take various forms including depression, or a feeling of neutrality even, like an apathy. Because of this, its important not to limit yourself into what you THINK may be going on inside of you. Instead trust in a few things--- breathing, and physically stopping and physically aligning yourself with your body and living as one and equal for that moment with the body. Trust that. Basically in any moment you can stop and check and see--- if you are here or not. Are you here or not? Simple. If you find that stopping for the moment and breathing makes a difference, then obviously you were in SOME kind of energy.

So don't TRUST any point of the mind and THINKING. Instead TRUST the physical points and cross-reference= breathe and stop everything and just check. Stop any THOUGHT, stop any emotion, stop any feeling, and just check. You will be able to stop any kind of thought, emotion, or feeling going on within you.

What I'm describing is Some of the Desteni process- there's more to it- including writing and self-forgiveness- if you are interested then read up on it online, and check out a course that's free that introduces how to use the tools. Otherwise, all the info is available online through many recordings, articles, and writings. 

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