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Saturday, November 15, 2014

How to remove specialness: by removing opposites. Day 191

So opposites exist, right?

Would you agree that day and night are opposite? Would you agree that hot and cold are opposite?

My goal is this, by the end of this blog you will see that day and night, and hot and cold, are not opposites. So you can let me know whether I was successful in accomplishing my goal.

 Day and Night
So what we call day and night is a result of the earth spinning, while orbiting the sun. While we may call day and night opposites, the reality is that day is the presence of light from the sun, and night is the absence of light. So how can we call the presence of something or the absence of something to indicate that two things are opposites? For example, consider calling your friend's presence as the opposite to your friends absence because he left the room. The reality is that your friend simply moved. The same is occurring with the earth and sun. The earth is moving around the sun, and the sun's light moves to the earth. Did you know that light moves? Its not instant meaning that even light takes time to travel from one point to another point. Albeit light moves very quickly, and is the fastest thing that we are aware of.

Consider also how some places on the earth, such as the very north part, has continuous sunlight for 6 months, and is in continuous darkness for the rest of the year (6 months). So day and night is relative to whether you are standing relative to the sun light. So the word opposite is a convention or invention, not a real physical phenomena, but something imagined or created in our minds. Its like the same thing as saying that you are your name. So if someone were to tell you were stupid, that that means you're stupid, when really they are just speaking words.

Hot and Cold

So what is really happening when something is hot and when its cold?

So take an example of a frozen and a hot beverage. So many people drink coffee. So if you were to place coffee in a freezer it would freeze. Why?

So to begin to understand why, consider that all molecules are vibrating. So a molecule of a water droplet vibrates. The molecules of your furniture vibrates. So all molecules everywhere are vibrating.

So how does this relate to hot and cold? Things that are more hot, are vibrating more quickly. That is to say they have more heat. When things are more cold they are vibrating less, that is to say they have less heat.

So when you take a beverage such as coffee and placing it in a freezer, you are actually placing the substance coffee in an environment where the air molecules are vibrating much more slowly. One natural physical phenomena is that molecules in the same environment will reach a equilibrium point, meaning that they will exchange heat until they all have the same heat. So placing a coffee in a freezer will actually warm up the freezer slightly, however because there is such an absence of heat, that the coffee will freeze, and adjust more than the freezer. If you placed something hot enough in the freezer, it would theoretically heat up the freezer where it would be noticeable. Imagine placing lava as an extreme example.

When it comes to what we call hot and cold, it is actually a result of our own body's temperature in relation to what we are perceiving with our skin, as one example. If our bodies temperature is very hot, we may perceive the air temperature as cold. If our bodies temperature is very cold, we may perceive the air as hot. So hot and cold, like day and night is relative to the presence or absence of heat: the heat the exists in our bodies relative to the heat in our environment.

Waves are a movement
 So a practical way to experience this yourself, (because you can't really see molecules) is to take your two hands, and place them together and slide them against one and another with force. This will create heat between your hands. This is in essence the principle. This is also how microwaves work, where a wave is created that vibrates the molecules of the substance placed in the microwave. The sun light is also a wave, and that is why the light produces a heat when you touch it with your skin. It is also like a microwave, where it penetrates through your skin and into your bones. In a way, heating you on the inside as well as on your surface of your skin. It is also cool to note that each substance does have an absolute freezing point where the molecules do stop vibrating completely, which essentially is what is meant where their is a complete absence of heat. So heat simply means the act or movement of vibration. Thus an absolute freezing point would mean that the substance has stopped moving/vibrating completely (no heat).

So really, when you look at it. The only thing that ever happens in our existence/reality is movement. The earth moves, light moves, molecules move back and forth (vibration), etc... And sometimes they don't move. So things are either moving or not moving, and that creates all the observable phenomena we know of today. So do opposites exist, when all that really exists, is movement?

So is day better than night? Is anything better? Or is it just the way it is. Day is just day, the presence of the sun's light, and night being the absence of light. Hot is just the presence of heat, and cold being less heat. That's it. Nothing special, just the way it is. 

So one last note, as a warning, don't think know you are superior because you can say to someone else, opposites don't exist. Because that's just stupid. Differences do exist. Things exists on a spectrum, not just a limited two points, which we call polarities, which are opposites. That's it. So the lesson is really, much more things exist than what we are aware of. We even only perceive a small fraction of all the wavelengths that exist, which we call visible light, because its what is visible to our eyes. So already a human physical instruments, are eyes, are already limited. So we don't know what we don't know, so be ready for surprises.

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