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Self is the Key. You are the Key. You have the power. You are the power. You need to know the power. You need to know yourself. You need to know who you are right now in this moment in what you are thinking and feeling. And you need to start stopping whatever it is that is not best for you. You need to start stopping that which is harmful to Life.

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Saturday, November 29, 2014

A BIG secret: why we have sex.

So this blog will be from a guys perspective. So hi, I'm male, haha. Even though this topic will cover girls, as seen from my perspectives, I invite readers to switch girls with guys, to see if the same patterns exist within you, even if you may be female, or homosexual/gay.

So I am 24 years old, a male, and I identify as a male, and as heterosexual. So that's really like THE word that defines and has defined much of relationship to females/girls in general, "SEX." One thing I can identify right away, is that it is about my beliefs and ideas, not about the actual physical act of sex. I have only had sex a few times, and only had sex when I was 18. So from about the time in elementary school when I first saw GIRLS as something special, unique, interesting to the time I was 18, there was no SEX. So its not really at all about sex. Instead, during that time period, I would think, fantasize, imagine conversation with some specific girls, and would have desires and fears as it pertains to girls liking me. So I identify within all this, the main driving force or engine, the fuel that fed the fire, the thing that had me keep coming back, was.... Energy/emotions/feelings. When I would fanatisize, imagine or think about girls in anyway I would feel something. And it really became a form of entertainment or preoccupation. It is something I did regularly, and sometimes daily. Actually, now that I am going back into my memories, this was the main thing I thought about during my years, girls, and specific girls, like crushes, and about how I felt and the future.

Suffice to say this is a very emotional/energetic topic. It's funny, because, you know what? When I go back into memories from before I was in elementary school, younger than 6 years, I didn't think about girls that way. I didn't see girls as any different, at least not in that special way. I didn't have love interest. I didn't have crushes. I didn't think about having a relationship with some girl I did or didn't know. So the point I want to make is how things change, and why? So one important detail I left out about my time before 6 years old, is that I still felt energy/emotions/feelings, but it involved other things. I spent time mostly with family members, and in games. I will jump the gun now and say my relationship with girls was actually defined in that period of my first 6 years of life. How I related with my family members defined how I related to everyone else from 7 years onward, including girls.

I remember seeing and being exposed to the ideas of relationships Male/Female during those first six years. I remember movies, and tv shows, and seeing how my aunts, mom, dad, and grandparents interacted. I remember how my adult family members spoke to me about MOM and DAD, and how that is defined to your identity as a MALE and FEMALE. For example, a MOM has to be FEMALE, and a DAD has to be MALE. So within that I saw myself as a MALE, by having a Penis, and so I would be a DAD. I saw how there was a distinction between male and female, that was seen as common, accepted, and normal. And I was just a child, and my parents gave me all these emotions and feelings when they hugged me and kissed me. So I had what I felt I needed, and the rest I just accepted.

So to me this idea was set in stone. So when I later entered the schooling system, I was then surrounded by hundreds of people I never met before. Children my age I never met before. Teachers who were adults I never met before. And I was expected to act and follow their rules, which I didn't know. I also was basically suppose to do everything they say, and learn and remember whatever they wanted me to. So you can imagine, how being an environment of family members, to complete strangers might be. So naturally I sought out what was familiar. I tried to make a family. So that in essence is what I did, and what I saw girls as the MOMS for me, as the DAD. And I only needed one. That also explains why we change so much when we enter a relationship, and we treat others differently. It is because we are accessing that dimension with ourselves, of creating a family. And family is regarded as the most important thing. Your friends come second.

Ok, so that's basically it. The energy is what motivates you to act. This is also why I have for most of my life, and even now, feel an energy when meeting girls. By girls I mean girls my age, suitable for marriage. I notice this doesn't occur with older women, like my mom's age. So then the question is what are girls/guys really? When we are first conceived, we have the equal potential of being a male/female as a human body. When that decision is made, then the body creates itself as a male or female. Later on only ages 10-14 do other changes start. Primarily, the only REASON why these changes occur is to allow for reproduction or the creation/formation of a Baby/Being as a new form. Women's breast produce the milk for the babies, and the men's penis is for seeding the eggs that are deep inside the woman. Simple. So it is only the women's breast and ovaries and vagina that are used for reproduction purposes as what her body is specialized as. The rest of her body is identical to the male. I don't know about you, but I sure as hell don't want to change who I am and make decisions based on how I feel emotionally or energetically because I am speaking to someone who has a female body that is around my age. Ultimately the energy has only one goal, to create a baby. It is very single minded and rudimentary. Especially because it doesn't see or consider all the other factors, reasons, and potential consequences. And also perhaps the biggest question of all, why to make a baby. To even lack a reason for that, yet still create a baby, is consequential. So to settle this matter once and for all: the only reason good enough for creating a baby/being is because it is best for everyone. We have to really be honest and see, should we be bringing more babies/beings into this world that already has 7 billion that are not properly educated. Because that's the only difference, whether you are bringing a new being into this world, or you are working with one that is already here. They are still both beings, just in different situations or places. There are some practical differences, like having full control of the environment of the environment of the new being/baby and having more control, but also at the same time more responsibility. A being that is already here, is either the responsibility of another being, or is already old enough to take responsibility for him/herself. So there are practical differences, with their unique situations that require different things from you. Anyway, so the most important to take away from this right now is that all of this about babies has NOTHING to do with females my age. Babies, and creating a being is a whole nother topic than the fact that someone is a female and close to my age. There are about a million different circumstances that could involve creating a baby that doesn't involve a female around my age. So the two having a connection like they do within me is a distortion of reality, and a attempt of controlling me through what I feel emotionally/energetically.

So the last connection, Family and babies. So it is a mistake to see having a family requires creating babies. Family is a word, albeit a word I have lived energetically. But it has the potential to simply refer to the level of intimacy and relationship between a certain number of people. To limit the word family to just baby making is a limitation, and a lie. Really, when you look at it, we are just babies of different ages. Some of us are 40 year old babies. A baby is just a being right? So what's so special about a new baby/being with you have so many older babies around you? We're all just babies! So the new doesn't mean its more. New is just new. Old is just old. Nothing special, less or more.

So one last dimension within this is age, and how I have specifically defined females around my AGE, as being this energetic trigger for baby making. So socially in society, we tend to view dating someone our age as what is normal. I remember in school, the idea of dating someone a year older or younger than me as just plain unacceptable. Also being friends or knowing someone older or younger than you was also either really bad or good. So there is a lot of emphasis placed on age, especially as it concerns relative to your age. So within that specifically for me to let go any specialness, more than or less than in relation to age, so young, old, younger, older, or my age, because age is just a number, a reference to how many spins around the sun you have existed. Can a number really say anything substantial about who you are? No, of course not. Anything that resembles it could would be an assumption, not knowledge. So its time to step outside that box. 

If you would like assistance stepping outside the box, and you would like to have tools that will enable you to walk through the process of stepping outside the box, I suggest this free online course that has helped me immensely: DIP Lite,

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