Friday, November 29, 2013

using Here in practice- How to and Why

The practicality of working with what is here, being here, creating while being here.

The practicality of here.

So one dimension to look at where Here can be utilized is stopping thoughts. Because when your thinking and involved and being one and equal to your thoughts, you are not one and equal to what is here. Now this is troubling because here includes everything, including thoughts. The problem with thinking is we become so involved with and as our thoughts, that that is all that we become, and in fact our thoughts is not all that is. Everything is here. So to get access to everything you must be here, simple, no?

So with working with what is here, you are essentially working with the physical. The physical has always been here, but we haven't, so that is why we must stress working with the physical because we don't know how to work with the physical. We mostly learn as we grow up how to deal with humans, at least those of us that become what we dub Successful. However, none of us, except a minority really get to work with the physical. Strangely enough, as children we are curious and willing and enjoy working with the physical, however we purposefully, here is the strange part, educate our children or fail to educate or support them into the product that reflects the exact opposite of what this reality consists of: the mind, which itself has become a disease that is obsessed with the ownership and destruction of the physical for imaginary and fictitious thoughts the play out in forms of desire and hope and love, whereby we accept and allow the exact opposite of hate, death and violence onto all that we touch and thereby permeates throughout all of existence, since we are all in fact interconnected, in a one and equal fashion.  We are the creators of this World, no one else. There is no God to blame, or aliens, or Christs, or anyone. We are to blame, because we are responsible. And blaming won't solve shit. We need to stand up and actually take that responsibility, which we know how that must be because, we understand that people that are responsible will actually find a way to fix or correct the points which are misaligned within us, to a point of balance/perfection/equilibrium, which can be called oneness and equality. So that path is laid ahead of us, crystal clear, of who we must be and how we must act, in ways that consider everything, that consider all effects, that consider all consequences, that consider life, which must be through you. This existence will change through you as you change, because we are one and equal, we know this already, yet we have failed to live and apply this fully and what this would mean.

And it takes one moment to be here, one moment. Of course it lasts as long as you insist in it to last. Because to live is like an insistence or rather persistence. You must persist to become who you are. Strange no? That we must insist in who we are, that just shows the extent of our separation. Are you here? Only you can know that, and you know. Are you thinking, are you divulged in Thought? Can you see your nose? These questions are for you, as well as the answers you give are for you. Its a giving to yourself. And no one can take that away except you.

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