The Self is the key. You are the key. If you want to make things better, focus on yourself. Do you have a relationship with yourself? Are you able to hold yourself and know yourself? Do you know what you are feeling? Do you know what you are thinking? Are you here with yourself? Do you Know yourself?

Self is the Key. You are the Key. You have the power. You are the power. You need to know the power. You need to know yourself. You need to know who you are right now in this moment in what you are thinking and feeling. And you need to start stopping whatever it is that is not best for you. You need to start stopping that which is harmful to Life.

Be the Self that is Free from all limitation, pain, abuse, destruction, and full of creation, ability, and potential. You start becoming through self-forgiveness.

Would you like to have a relationship with Your self?

Friday, September 14, 2012

Day 11 -Busy Personality


I accepted and allowed the thought I have to turn out the light in the kitchen. I told myself it made sense to turn out the lights during the day time. But as I walked back from turning off the light I focused on the sound of my steps and was not walking in breath. So I thought about how my steps sound busy. I see this aspect of self as being busy is defined as hurrying and discomfort, wherein when I tell someone I am busy, I experience discomfort.
So physically I see the busy aspect of self, also known as the busy character, I am physically mover at a quicker pace but I miss grab things and make miss-takes. Within my emotions and feelings, I feel suppression and compression as discomfort. And I imagine my goal as in arms reach but never quite how I imagined it to be, imperfect. Physically the consequence is a poor job.
I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to when I see a task that requires completion such as turning off the kitchen light, to become the busy character as the aspect of self that rushes to complete the task, all the while imagining the task to be near completion as if I only need to do a little more which gives rise to optimism as a mis-take of reality of the task, leading to a poor job and emotional discomfort.
I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to become the busy character when I tell someone I have been busy, which is only a reaction to my choice of words.
I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to not simply remain here as breath when sharing to someone how I have been.
I commit myself to live out my forgiveness statements with simply remaining with breath, stopping my physical rushes and getting to a one and equal relationship with my physical body here, so as to support myself to remove the physical and/or emotional discomfort.

To Be Continued...

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