Sunday, December 20, 2015

What does Movies, Stories, Friendships, Relationships have in common?

So what does Movies, stories, friendships, relationships have in common?

They all have the potential for you to learn something valuable useful. And they all cannot show you or teach you every lesson that you will learn. Each can only show you only so much, and it is often just one, two, or a few points at a time. Even the most wisest and accomplish person can only show you just a little of what they have lived. Partially this is because of physical restraints, and also because of what lesson you are ready for now. A person cannot hear or understand something they are not ready for.

A lesson is something that you must hear and see for yourself. You might pick up something that no one else saw before. That is because of who you are, and what you needed to see and hear.

In truth there is no great or perfect movie, story, friendship or relationship. Where it is something concrete, and like a fixed image. There is only what YOU, Yourself can be and become that will allow you to pick up and take as much as you can of what is good there is to learn and see from each person, movie, story around you. That is why two different people in the same situation can experience it so differently. That is because YOU are creating you experience.

So if you become a person that takes the best from everything that you will surely grow, flourish and become something that is wonderful. Such a person is trying to become the best they can be.

So to criticize a friendship, movie, relationship, friendship is pointless. Criticizing yourself for not taking the best out of everything is however, quite a wise thing to do. So critics as defined as someone who only points out the flaws... is not someone seeking to become the best they can be. Often they hold that they have the answer, and know what is best. When in fact they are not living it. This is a mind system, and is trap in the mind. Don't fall for this trap, where you feel good about yourself and important when you point out flaws. Instead be someone that supports, both you and everyone around you to become the best that you can be. Become your potential.

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