Oneness and Equality

All Life is One and Equal. ALL of it.
This Entire Existence is LIFE. So every little fucking thing that exists everywhere is Life. So ALL OF IT. That is the definition of Life. The very Matter and Substance of this Existence is Life.

The life forms, the greater parts made from many individual parts also EQUALLY is life. And those PARTS are equal to each other as well.

Equal in VALUE, Equal in CONSIDERATION, Equal in IMPORTANCE, Equal in REGARD.

To live oneness and equality is to live in consideration of this ENTIRE EXISTENCE and EVERYTHING THAT EXISTS. This includes Yourself as well. So this entire existence, including YOU.

Are you equal to a tree? Are you equal to bugs? Are you equal to the water? Are you equal to the entire Earth? Are you equal to the air? Are you equal to older people and younger people? Are you equal to animals? Are you equal to dirt?

A resounding YES!!!!!!!!! is needed here. To every response its to say YES!!!! And to mean it. That is living oneness and equality. No ANDS, IFS or BUTS about it. None. Just YES!!!!

If you have resistance then do self-forgiveness and see if you are making yourself MORE or LESS. Nothing is MORE than you. Nothing. Not GOD. And nothing is LESS than you. Nothing. EQUALITY is the ONLY reality, this physical reality.

Anything or Anyone that claims he or she is greater, or that something else is greater than just say FUCK YOU. Cause how DARE you claim yourself or something else to be greater or more important than anything else in reality. SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I bet you all the marbles in the world that you cannot find ANYWHERE any message of Oneness and Equality like this, as what Desteni stands as. A REAL and COMPLETE Oneness and Equality, the only version that can exist.

Every Spiritual Group, Religion, Organization, has FAILED to change the world because the very nature of man is to believe that he or she or something is GREATER OR LESS. Everything is EXPLOITING THAT!!!!!!!!     You even have people that view the EARTH as greater or that Animals are greater, or that CHILDREN are greater or what have you.

The solution is Oneness and Equality, the only version that can exist. All Life, this entire existence, is one and equal. Fuck the idea of a greater Force or a Creator. That's fucking slavery. Also FUCK pessimism and believing that Life has no value and that Life is meaningless, fuck that. There is tremendous value in life, and it is everywhere and it is one and equal.

The nature of woman or man, is that of deception. A preprogrammed belief, an entire society built on at its very foundation that Life isn't equal. That some people deserve MORE, and that Humans are MORE, and that there is a force out that is GREATER THAN YOU. This entire constructed human reality is a reflection of YOU, and your own relationship with yourself. You don't view yourself as equal to yourself. You don't view yourself as WORTHY of yourself. You don't view yourself as one and equal with others in your world, with this reality. You don't feel like you belong. THAT IS THE FUCKING TRUTH. You are creating this SICKO of a reality of immense destruction because THAT IS WHAT IS EXISTING IN YOU!!!!!!!!!

The only way IS through Self-forgiveness. Its the only way. You have to forgive yourself for what you are believing and thinking. And it will take 7 years for the first cycle!!!!!! The men and woman who are walking this process, are the first to do so, and its the first time in existence that human nature is changing. The first time. Never before to this extent have we had such an opportunity and come so far.

Oneness and Equality. Living it as our word, as ourselves, as our embrace and relationship to our self. And so Living it in Actions, slowly but surely. So COMPLETELY SO FULLY. So that HUMAN BEINGS live oneness and equality, in relation to everything. To themselves, to this reality, to everyone, and every thing. For Once and For ALL. Speak the Words and LIVE the words.

That is the ONLY EXISTENCE worthy of Life itself. Valuing and Regarding EVERYTHING and EVERYONE in FACT. And that Value is LIVED through ACTION. The action of CARE, through making sure ALL is WELL and SUPPORTED to the BEST of our CAPACITY. ALL OF IT. The Entire Existence. So yes the Nature and the Earth, and the People and the animals, and Plant Life.

What else could Oneness and Equality lived in Fact POSSIBLY BE?

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