“…simply make things better for someone else, as if I were to be born again, and that someone else, and it doesn't have to be me, but it could be someone like me, that they would have a better life than I had, that everyone was better. There is something seriously wrong with everyone, and that is something I observed when I was very young. We are the problem, and we need to become better, because we are fucking everything up.”
“So this is who I am. There is something seriously wrong with everyone and we need to fix it, if not for us, then for the future generations."
"Everything I have done in this life, and everything I will do, is for this purpose.”

Thursday, January 24, 2013

A statement for Everyone to Read and Live

Why do i want to be good?
Because i fear being bad.
Why do i fear being bad?
I fear being hurt...emotionally.
I really really really want to feel good. 
So, I fear feeling bad... I fear not feeling good. 
SO who i am has been totally structured according to feeling good always and never feeling bad. 
I know this is messed up and will lead to an unsatisfactorially life, because to achieve great things, sometimes you need to invest and choose the more difficult path, as they say. 
If I were to expand and bring everything here, all the future possibilities, who i can be... 
...I see the possibility of standing up from this shit hole i am in,
 and saying no, 
no more, 
this doesn't work, 
we need another way, 
a way that does work, 
in the interest of everyone as equals and one. 

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