Why walk the Desteni Process?

Why should I walk the Desteni Process?

The Desteni process is the process of facing your mind. Your mind is a complex system that generates your very thoughts and very emotions and feelings. The process of facing your mind is simple. So the process is simple, but the mind itself is complex. All you have to do is to stop the mind in this moment. You can stop the mind in this moment through self-forgiveness, as one tool. As long as you stop the mind in this moments and all future moments, then you will progress inside yourself. Your progression is to take back the responsibility and functions that your mind has taken over. Currently your mind takes on very important life functions. Your mind makes your decisions, it leads you down into relationships, it leads you down into addictions, it leads you down any path where it can further itself as a mind. Your mind is essentially living your life.

So much of what we have lived as Humanity has been a lie. Yet it is our lie and our responsibility. The Desteni process is about taking self-responsibility. You are responsible for everything that goes on within you and that includes your mind. So even though your mind is generating all sorts of thoughts, and feelings within you, you are responsible for accepting and allowing it.

Did you make that decision to create that thought? Do you create your thoughts?

What the people at Desteni found is no. The mind is a system. It is self-sustaining. What is interesting is that if you breath, then the mind cannot function. Because the mind requires a constant supply of energy. That energy it generates through emotions and feelings. The basic structure for your emotions and feelings is your thoughts. Do you ever feel like there is SO MUCH going on within you? That is how energy moves. Like a generator moving.

If you breathe, the mind cannot move. The reason why is that the physical is superior to the mind. The mind depends on your physical body. And the mind sources the energy from the physical. If you align yourself with your physical body then the mind cannot function, it cannot move. What this leads to is you having now the opportunity to really live, and move in your body.

Something that I have observed is that various people have all experienced moments where their minds were not moving and they had access to great potential and power within themselves. Like how athletes enter into the zone. Though this not something we have lived fully as people.

Emotions and Feelings, seem natural. And consider stopping them may seem crazy. Yet if you observe across your life, you will see what trouble emotions and feelings have caused.

Emotions and Feelings themselves are quite crazy and actually lead to the crazy behavior.
I remember how emotional I felt growing up. I remember as a young adult how I constantly was in some mood. Now after many years in facing that same emotional mood and state and constantly stopping it, I have such a stability within me, and I feel just so much healthier. Our emotions and feelings really fuck with our heads and we start forming all sorts of beliefs around them and thoughts about others or about ourselves. None of that is our real self, and here what I mean by real self is what would occur if we actually took responsibility for creating ourselves and not depending on a system to tell us what to do, how to feel, and what to think. Everything we do is based on who we are, and right now, we as humanity are our minds.

The Desteni Process is applying the tools of self-forgiveness, Self-honesty, Self-writing, Self-introspection, Self-question, self-responsibility etc... Everything revolves around Self. So that you develop Self-intimacy, Self-care, Self-trust, Self- respect, Self-integrity, self-confidence, Self-honor and more!!!

Each word is unique and important. Because it is through SELF that we create universe and existence we have. The problem is not out there, it is right here. Do you have self-enjoyment? Self-value? Self-care? Self-understanding? Self-respect? Self-direction? Self-movement? Self-intimacy? Self-forgiveness?

Welcome to the Desteni Process.


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