Blog Timeline

April 2012 
1st day, April 14th

May 2012

Day 2
Day 3

June 2012 

My relationship to video games - day 4
Self-forgiveness out loud- Day 5 -
Self-Forgiveness- The one - Day 6
Day-7- Physical, Sex, & Money

August 2012

Day 8 Im sexy and i know it, thought deconstructio...
Day 9 Beginning of the School Semester
Day 10 Human Wreck Part 1: Possession of Self in S...
Day 10 Human Wreck Part 2: The Road of Happiness

September 2012

Day 11 -Busy Personality
Day 12 Fail
Day 13 - Beginning of School Semeseter REVISITED
Day 14 Fear of Mistakes and Failures
Day 15 - My Last Relationship

October 2012

Day 16- Love at first Sight?
Day 17 - Punishment and Reward
day 18 - I Played the Piano Tonight
day 19- Insecurities and Positive Strivings.
Day 20- My Name, a Program of Fear/Reward
Day 21- Look out world here's Freddy.
Day 22 - Self-forgiveness and correctiveness statements for Day 21
Day 23 Words as Who I Am, Why Removing Energetic Definitions on Words is Important
Day 24 New Responsibilities
Day 25 - Old Soul Make-Belief

November 2012

Day-26: Social Engineering, Creating a world for Children to Realize Life
Day-27: Defining Human Operant Conditioning
Day-28: Mechanistic Mind; What do we Miss in our Pursuit of Comfort?
Day-29: Social Psychology: Self-Esteem & Self-Handicapping
Day-30: Commitments are a Key to Aligning to What is best for All, a look at some evidence from a psychology study
Day-31:Pavlovian Conditioning, and Emotional Memory Automatic Response
Day-33: How we wear Masks of Anonymity as Society to Not take responsibility of this Earth, some evidence from Social Psychology
Day-34: Heaven or Hell, Dimensions of Sleep zzz
Day-35: Behaviorist Character
Day-36: Love Starts Here: With a Commitment to End Starvation
Day-37: Dimensions of a Song, a Script of My Life.
My current experiences within writing
Day-38: Self-Forgiveness for Separation from the Physical that I have Allowed
Day-39: My Emotions at Arms Length

December 2012

Day-40: Some Groundwork and Some Gurus
Day-41: Equal Money and Competition; How will children live in a world that is best for all
Day-42:Being Unaware of youself is Laziness
Day 43: A new Beginning
Day-44:Use the Mind to Support the Birth of Life
Day-45: Fear; its got you by the balls.

January 2013

Day-46: Seeing Reality without individualized beliefs, possible or not possible?
Day-47: What is a Desire? How does it relate to who we are? Who have we accepted and allowed ourselves to be in relation to desire?
Day 48- The Principles behind Science, Psychology and Analytics in general.
Day-49: Fears and Justifications?
Day 50: Science, Media, Knowledge, & Misrepresentations
Day 51: Self-prescribed limits? What is best for all...
Day 52: The Environment that is Best For All
Day 53: We are the Environment

February 2013

Day 54: Are We All Doomed?
The limitation of Knowledge and Information.
Day-55: Standing up (1)
Self (2) - Day 56

March 2013

day57- another day
day58- Update- supporting myself
day59- Bringing myself back here.
day60- Stop- and Change- (possible song title??)
day61- what am I doing here?
day62-I don't want to live. Retribution.
day63: Clearing out the broom closet.
day64- writing
day65-Function and Results
Yogan's Statement -day66
Fear: a statement to no longer accept Fear. day67

April 2013

Practicality and Myself day 68
Self-forgiveness Continuing....day69
Suicide Character day70
I do not care about what others think of me day71
Sudbury School day 72
Exploring words for myself day73
Problems with only studying the Behavior of others day 74...
Self-forgiveness day75
Looking in a young woman's eyes day76
day77- People look at me
day78- I am evil
day79 Creating a War within myself .........(not advised)......(no seriously, don't do it!)
day80- Difficulty of being yourself + self-forgiveness...
day81- Oh my God! @#$%
Day82- inferiority
day 83- I am... um... myself?
day84... excuses excuses

May 2013

day85 Self-responsibility vs. Responsibility
day 86- Standing back up.
day 87- Staying Committed
day 88 - Facing another challenge

August 2013 

day 89 Stop thinking about what other people think. And you are left with your own thoughts
Day90 Self-forgiveness
September 2013

Day91The Inevitable World War Three.
Day92 A Bitch is Separation
Day93 Self-Belief
Day94 Reviewing Over My History with My Mom- "Learn for yourself
Day95Enthusiasm and Energy is a Limitation
Day96 Exploring Oneness and Equality Part1
Day97 Fitting in
Day98 One of my goals
Day99 To Love -
Day 100 Is there anything else to life than just feeling positive and negative?
Day101 Get the F&*% out!
Day102 My writing for today 

October 2013

Day103 Betterment
Reacting to the sound of someone's voice D104
Day 105 Sharing how I use the physical to support myself to be here.
Day106 mONEy mONEy mONEy Day107 Attention-seeker
Day108 Self-forgiveness
My Story: The Gift You Can Only Give Yourself
Day109 Feelings and reactions to something I read
My Story: I must Stand
War: Transforming Inner conflict to absolute standing.

November 2013

Day110 Lessons From Statistics
Day111 Being honest when its safe.
Day112 Valuing Writing more than Application
 Day113 Math- memory
Day114 using Here in practice- How to and Why

December 2013

Day115 My summary of Desteni in terms of my process
Day116 Reflections of right now
Day117 Asking for Help- Reflections & Considerations
Day118 Follow up from yesterday & opening up a point of Fear.
Day119 Applying what I learned today- incorporating memories
Mother and Father Series P1
Mother and Father series P2- Momma's Boy
Self-consciousness Series P1
Day121- Comparing oneself to others, based on HOW ...
Day122 BackChat: You don't know ANYTHING!
Day 123 Making Eye Contact
Day124 -Needing, desiring, wanting to feel somethi...
Day 125- Walking some Supportive Words & walking a...
Day126 - Self-forgiveness for Day125's writing
Feeling good with the Power of Creation? Day127
FEARS Day 128
Day 129- The fear and desire of receiving attention on my blog
Day130- This is about Me

January 2014

Day131 - Self-forgiveness on Fears I have been having
Day 132- Attachments to People
Day 133 - Don't take your thoughts personally
How I stop my Violent thoughts Day 134
Becoming Financially independent of my Parents Day 135

February 2014

My Truth - day 136Who I am - day 137
 Will Life be born? - day 138
This is about you? - day 139
 Day 140 ncompatible definitons for love. Which one do you choose
Believing that I don't deserve the best. -day 141

March 2014

The Walking Dead TV Show -day 142
The True potential: placing Porn and Masturbation addiction under the microscope day143
Porn and Masturbation Addiction Support -day 144
Your Love is my Drug - day 145
Conception = Birth -day 146How I came to watch Breakfast at Tiffany’s -day 147
Day 148 Hypocrisy is a result of no education on the mind ...

 June 2014

Energy by Yogan -149

August 2014

A Diligent List -day 150Trust me, character day 151Reacting with Anger towards feeling Sad. Day 152My Value System - day153Open for Business! day 154A quest for humility part 1 day 155A quest for humility part 2 Day156A quest for humility part 3 Day157A quest-ion for humility part 4 commitment statements Day 158
Quest for humility part 5 - Being present with my emotions day 159 A quest for understanding Part 1 -emotions and feelings Day 160
Love and Relationships Day 161
Are you walking process to make friends, or are yourself? Big DIFFERENCE!!!!! day 162
Victim/Sadness Characters, also featuring the Paranoid/Fearful Character and Self-conceited/Reward seeking Character Day 163

September  2014

Removing the words good or bad, and finding practicality day 164
How I will from now on live this word, S-T-A-N-D Day 165
Seeing the potential that exist in each one Dau 166
Resentment, Envy, Disempowerment, Desires, and childhood memories, and speaking forgiveness aloud with acceptance without resistance and with authority and Day 167 + 168
 Mourning character Day 169
Justice Character Day 170
A Rod in the Ground, Day 171
Meeting the people of this world Day 172
Resistance is futile. Day 173
Walking my dog Day 174
Sex Sex Sex Day 175
Accepting my limitations Day 175 Part 2
Creating Peace in My Life Day 176
Your Darkest Secrets. Why everyone fears the dark Day 177
Halitosis Day 178
Missing what is right in front of our noses Day 179
A Silly response to one's time and how to correct Day180
How did I direct myself from war to peace
The Life Story of a Would-be Guru

October 2014

How NOT to be a winner
Hidden resistance, hidden Gift Day 182
Our Magical Brain Day 183
Are people just means to an End? A look into Kant's Categorical Imperative (day 184)
Creating the greatest happiness - A look into Mill's Utilitarianism day 185
What has been forsaken and forgotten, and is the only thing that matters? Day186
The Animal Kingdom Day 187
I found happiness at the end of a rainbow!? Just kidding Day 188

November 2014
Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics: How to live the good or virtuous life Day 189
 The lies my thoughts tell me Day 190
How to remove specialness: by removing opposites.Day 191
 Social Relationships Day 192
What's the deal with science today? Can we trust science or not? Day 193
 Women Inequality Day 194
Removing Victimization, Opposites Series Part 2 Day 195
 Cover to Cover - Day 196
Learning Day 197
You are what you eat OR You eat what you are Day 198.
 A BIG secret: why we have sex.
December 2014
Sleepily Dreaming 199I think therefore I am 200
Survival of the fittest
Connotations: A secret we should all know 201
Art as what is best for all 202
Preprogrammed Relationships 203
Lifeship 204
BYE! 205
Hidden Insight: Admitting to Vicarious existence =permission to see emotions and feelings 206...
Mechanistic Mind Part 2 : Why there is no escapes, excuses from your fate or desteni Day 207,...
A shortness of breath? Difficulty speaking? A quiet personality? A source point for all of that and more Day 208...
 Breathing: muscular constriction linked to emotional reactions Day 209...
A painful motivation (reminder) 210
 Breathing: Reassessment of Practical Application Day 211Transcendence Movie: what can we learn? 212
What motivates me? Writing it down. 213
 Happy Christmas or Be consideration? 214
Beautiful Women, Beautiful Self 215
 Christmas 'Presents' 216
What is my self-value? Where does self-value come from? Day 217...
 Review of Process: Self-introspection on Breathing as a tool Day 218I am the law, I am the word, I am the authority Day 219Reflection: Daily Blogging Commitment: What are the benefits? Why should/would I blog daily? Day 220
History of Games: Video games Day 221

January 2015

Miami: a taste of inequality 222
Self-Judgement of Speech and Behavior 223
All about the Positive. Making things Practical 224
Going deeper down the rabbit hole: the secrets of the Positive Day 225
The Greatest Lie 226
Woman took her life on day she was due to be evicted 227
20 states just raised the minimum wage. It wasn’t enough Day 228
Sounding Self-forgiveness on FEAR 229 & how Fear is tied to Money
Virus Free Mind Book Review 230
Im not the only one 231
The best ship is love... um. No. 232
Establishing the Foundations for the Best Sex Ever Day 233
So it is written and so it shall be done 234
Blog Special: Beauty! What is it?
What everyone does, but no one admits to 235
Knight in Shining Armor 236
Want, Need and Desire 237
The Importance of Planning/Scheduling 238
I missed a day of writing, and here is a reason to celebrate Day 239
Reassessing and Recreating a New Starting Point for Blogging Day 240
What do I do when I am face with something New? I embrace it Day 241 Pointless 242
Being Quiet 243
What does Servent, Serpent, Evil, Life, Kings and Harry Potter have in common? Read to find out!!! Day 244
Being Quiet Part 2 Day245

February 2015

The Magical Box 246
Day 247 The Quanari: the grass people and their gi...
Charlie the TV Box: Assigning Purpose Day 248
Art Class Day 249
Boulders of Potential Lives 250
Valentine's Day: Self Vs. Another 251
Can you feel this? Day 252

March 2015

Who am I? What is my story? -Yogan 253
What is Desteni?
The stupidity of Partying on the Weekend 254
#Puppies or #Babies? Vote!!!!!!!!!
Connecting with my dogs 255
We are all Drug Addicts... we are addicted to our ...
Gaming: Conflicting forces of personal shame and j...

April 2015

Feeling Energetic. What is it? A lesson on the imp...
Getting my hair cut 259
My Personalities 260
When we are a Newb, Naive, Greenhorn, what happens...
PANIC!!! Feed your fears! 262
I have been living to meet others' expectations 26...
I have been fighting my fears 264
I am addicted to my negative emotions. 265
Destiny calls, who will I become? 266

May 2015

Existential Fear - Complete and utter Failure 267My Good/Bad Colored Glasses 268The Right/Wrong Headphones 269The Non-emotional, and DUTY Personality 270Calming Energy 271Relationships with people: Letting go of responsib...Self-Honesty: The Depthness of Self within Communi...Equalifying Equality 274
Getting to know myself, what does this mean? 275
Self-support on self-judgment 276
First Crushes 277
Blame Game! Are you ready for level 2? Games for l...
Milgram's Experiment 279
Did you know this about your FOOD? 280
Yogan's Guide to living a Good life 281

June 2015 

What does your body need to be its greatest potent...
About Expressing Open Honesty
Important Leaders need to dance Tango 283
Expression 284 Part 1
A Practical Application: The Egg Boundary 285
Sharing my Application with Attraction 286
A Practical Application Part 2: Your Home. The Egg...
Approach your mind defensively 288
I am a Thief! 289
Multiple Orgasms Part 1 290
Nutella is evil? Or are we judging? 291
Palm Oil in Nutella destroys rainforest? 292
My story: why I support Living Income Part 1
My story: why I support Living Income Part 2
Why Your Weakest points are your Greatest Strength...
The importance of the Decisions you make 296
I am a great video game player. What does this tel...

July 2015 

Following directions for creation. What can cookin...
Living Different WORDS lead to different results. ...
The rebirth or death of Femininity? 300
My relationship to myself. Origin Story Part 1
My relationship to myself. Origin Story Part 2
My relationship to myself. Origin Story Part 3
My relationship to myself. Origin Story Part 4
Violence Begets Violence Day 305
Commonsense within Moral Imperative 306
Sex as Expression 307
Death or Rebirth of Democracy? 308
My relationship to Teachers and Schools 309
Democratic, Free or Sudbury schools
Sarcasm is Fun 310
Why do we Need a Living Income? 311
We need a Living Income 312
A Life with Living Income 313
Joking around or creating consequences
From Reacting to Myself to Knowing Myself 314
Be Like A Child 315
Who am I? Day 316
Opening up the Men's Mind 317
The Over-active Lifestyle 318
Benefit, given in return, Gift 319
Parties, people, noise, commotion 320
Who will stand to make our future a reality? 321

August 2015

The turtle is the ultimate meditating guru? Hmmm, ...
Sharing my Investigations about Anger and Fear 323...

Pockets of emotions 324What money's purpose is 325How to be a real friend 326Why so guilty? 327What you feel about something doesn't matter 328Your chances will run out. 329Spark to ignite the flame 330Something new or something old?Your Ideal/Perfect Partner 331
When a thought or opinion becomes your identity 33...

September 2015

Power of Imagination
Equality among people 333
Whether to risk your life for someone 334
It doesn't matter what other people think of you ...
You laugh at Yourself 336
What would you do if you had a Living Income?

October 2015

Why Sudbury? 338
Allocation/Distribution of Money 339
Day 400 - Series: Looking Back to the past Part 1
Day 401 Corruption is...
I want to see the world change. Do you?
I know
Human Potential 405
Meeting someone where they are at

November 2015

To care is scary
Are you continuously creating who you are?
What is purpose, money?
Analyzing fear reactions to Paris Attack
Life will find a way...
Honesty and Idealism

December 2015

You don't always get what you want, sometimes you ...
Popularity, Likeability, loveability
Message to those who gave up
What does Movies, Stories, Friendships, Relationsh...
The world is your responsibility

January 2016

Working with Constructive Criticism
Money Defines Me
You have Cow Eyes
Embarrassing Story - Anorexic?
Being Positive
Make me special
Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr... self-forgiveness for
Then and Now: Who am I?
Annoucement: Taking a new direction...

February 2016

Today: Children trafficking
Worried Parents

March 2016

Buy the World
You were once a Child
A Violent Person
The greatest act of Love
Disney's Frozen 2013 Meaning and Lessons
Creating Your Future Practically
Everyone dies, but how many lives?
A recipe for satisfaction
Terrified of Living
You are words!
What is Power?

April 2016

You are an Onion of layers of information
Children's Rights
Respect Children
Meeting someone againPsychological Manipulation
Where denial/suppresion ends... life can flourish/...

May 2016

The man who never gave up
Record of my Journey
My wants come first, or do they?
Loneliness: Why does it Exist?

June 2016

Watching your pets
How does it work? Fostering a connection with some...
What do you do when someone lies to you?
I don't Know
I am Oneness and Equality
I like to
What to think about in your darkest moments
My dream life
Knowing when to walk away

July 2016

Speaking Understanding, Compassion, Sympathy
Why Am I?
Speaking me
What does it mean to have fun?
3 Lessons
What does it mean to be a child or an adult?
I wish...
No More
The What if Question
Respecting Time
Everyone is God
The Desire for a Life-Long Partner Test
Some Tools for Becoming Better
Todos Somos Dios
What is Responsibility?
The Best For Everyone
You are a Person
Sound is Stronger than Thought
Will you forgive yourself?
How Desires *really* work
Voting with Open-source Computer Programs
My standards for a partner

August 2016

How to see through illusion
I have value
Share what you know
I want to be free VS. I want to take responsibilit...
Money can change the world now.
Living words to the extreme
Your Awareness Awakens
The Best Way to Learn
Where I am now
Conversations on Oneness and Equality 1

September 2016

Conversations on Oneness and Equality 2
Conversations on Oneness and Equality 3
Conversations on Oneness and Equality 4
Snowden (2016)
Conversations on Oneness and Equality 5
Video Games about managing money and the economy

October 2016

The trap of doing what you like to do

November 2016

Children: Afraid to be Myself

December 2016

The Investigation Continues... The Eyes are the wi...

July 2017

Our Future
Day 1 - I am going to be the Greatest
Day 2 Reacting under Threat of Punishment? I know ...
Day 3 Fear of being Alone and My Greatest Desire
Day 4 When you feel Hurt
Day 5 Suffering
Day 6 Judging because you think you know
Day 7 Equal Love
Day 8 True Enlightenment
The video on Fear
Day 9 Strength
day 10 I don't care what other people think of meDay 11 A little word called LoveDay 12 I took an Aptitude TestDay 13 How to attain Supernatural Powers?Day 14 Creating the Moment
Day 15 Enjoying the physical

August 2017 

Day 16 Ending the War within Self
Day 17 You are the Key
Day 18 The Self
Day 19 Moana the Movie
Day 20 Respect
Day 21 Odyssey to Life
Day 22 I Remember
Day 23 Relationships and Love
Day 24 Living Words
Day 25 The Point of Feeling Nothing
Day 26 What comes after nothing?
Day27 Reacting To Manipulation
Day 28 When Hearing Confidence
Day 29 How to Forgive the Abuser
Why walk the Desteni Process?
Day 30 Humans are unaware?
Day 31 Remove your Biases with Self-Forgiveness
Day 32 Manipulating through Kindness, and Niceness...
Day 33 The Real Evil
Day 34 The Value of Being Alone
Day 35 Follow up on The Biases Toward Women

September 2017

Day 36 Success in Facing Manipulation
Day37 Scared of being alone
Day 38 Lying takes effort/practice
day 39 I Decide
Day 40 The secret to live without being influenced...
Day 41 The Physical
Day 42 The Physical, Continued

October 2017

Day 43 You will have what you Love
Day 44 Letting go the Idea of me, and embracing US...
Day 45 I achieved everything I ever desired, and i...
The Power of One Lie
Living the Word Independence, what is it like?
Living my only Desire
Day 46 The STRUGGLE: Power over Others, or Power o...
Day 47 What if things were different?
Day 49 The Family Construct
Day 50 The word Family: Changing Freedom to Accoun...
Day 51 Entertainment in the Head
Day 52 The Importance of an Education

November 2017

Day 53- Chloe
Day 54 The Sound of a Leader
Day 55 Pain and Suffering
Day 56 - Apologize

December 2017

Standing up to Abusers

January 2018

Unplugging from the World System
Everyone is a Dictator

February 2018

Predictions, Expectations, Hope

March 2018

Take a look deep inside. What do you see?
What?! Did you really expect you could just be hap...
Everything Matters
I will recreate Myself
Sexuality as a Man

April 2018

The Joy I felt in my First Relationship
The Real Shit
Imaginary Shit
The Emotional Sense
The Moments of Perfection
Purpose and Meaning

May 2018

When i first started the desteni process
Earning Wealth
Oneness & Equality and what is best for all, who l...
Chapter 3 The Law

June 2018

Our Money
The Beauty Within
My Dream
Survival or Life?
The Future
My Happiness
The drama of Life
One and Equal to Trump and Hillary ClintonAnger and Happiness

July 2018 

My Fight for Justice (as anger)
Living Happiness and Feeling Happiness
Pain & Joy
How to Work with the Mind, an Example
Day 1 No Mind, No Emotions, No Feelings
Day 2 Ideas, Belief, & Thought don't Matter
Day 3 Infinite Possibiliites
Day 4 Purpose and Meaning
Day 5 The Power to Change
Day 6 Anger as Justice
Day 7 Identifying a Mysterious Emotion
Day 8 Love for ALL? or all for Love?
Day 9 What I learned about Love
Day 10 All Excuses, All Beliefs, All Ideas Rip the...
Extra: Using the Infinite as a Tool
Day11 - Depression as Cynicism and Pessimism
Day 12 Breathing the 4-Count Breath
EXTRA: Anger as Justice Revisited
Day 13 Positive Experiences

August 2018

Day 14 Anger as Positive ReinforcementDay 15 Broken Wages Broken System
EXTRA: Anger is complicated
Day 16 Using Eqafe to answer my question
Day 17 "I don't know what I'm doing"
A Global Community - One World -
Day 18 When Expectations overrides Reality
Day 19 Passion, Tenacity, Motivation
Day 20 From Self-forgiveness to Living Words
Day 21 Proactive Mental Health and Superior Self
Day22 I am a Human. I am a Piece of this Earth and...
Day 23 What does Love Feel like in the body?
Day 24 How I Handled Panic in a moment
Day 25 Love, what does it feel like? Self-forgiven...
Day26 Listening to the sound of my own written wor...
Day 27 The Bestest, most, fullest, greatest FULL,
Day 28 You are a piece of Life!
Day 29 Reflections on Personal Economics
Day 30 Untangling Intimacy, living Self-acceptance...
Day 31 Innerverse its a Room!
Day 32 The Attitude and the Strength of the Mascul...
Day 33 Creativity! Music, Art, Dance!
Day 34 Fundamentals of the Mind

September 2018

Day 35 What I want to SEE
Day 36 A Solution to a Problem
Day 37 The purpose of laws and rules
Day 38 My Purpose and Meaning
Day 39 Why?
Holding Life in your Heart
Day 40 Sharing Self-forgiveness
Day 41 I am a Group of People
Day 42 Thirst for Life
Day 43 Why Do you?
Day 45 When you are connecting someone
Day 46 The Surprise in Music and Dance

October 2018

Day 48 I believe in the Power of Self-forgiveness
Day 49 The Secret you Know
Day 50 - Make the MOST of what you GOT!!!
Day 51 - ending chronic Anger
Day 52 Inside your Greatest Weakness is your Great...
Day 53 When you need Love, Be Here
Day 54 Don't give up!
Day 55 Moments where I love myself through
Day 56 Faces of Change: No more Energy
Day 57 The Self-Reward Process within Desteni Proc...

November 2018

Day 58 Explanation of Everything
Day 59 Just Talking with People
Day 60 People and Animals
Day 61 Desperate Desire
Day 62 My first blog post
Day 63 Religion, Nationalism, Culture, Country, Id...
DAy 64 My Views 1
Day 65 The Insurmountable Challenge
Day 66 Self-forgiveness on Purpose
Day 67 Self-Forgiveness on Purpose being Happiness...
Day 68 Moving Slower. Tortoise vs the Hare
Day 69 Adrenaline
Day 70 The Little Prince
Day 71 Update on Adrenaline
Day 72 CareDay 73 Being a part of the solution, instead of be...

December 2018

Day 74 Feeling Fear in a moment of Perfection
Day 75 The 5 compromises of Relationship
Day 76 Fearing the Strong Woman
Day 77 Moment of Compliments/Celebration
Day 78 Haircut
Day 79 Perfect Partner? Live here, Act here, Do he...
Day 80 - Letting Go of the Past - First Phase
Day 81 Enuciation, Pronounciation, Speaking Clearl...
Day 82 Creating the Future
Day 83 Friendship Dumpster
Day 84 The Image and the FACE of a PersonDay 85 Patience
Day 86 Source of my Courageousness
Day 87 Walking Through Past Moments in Real Time
Day 88 Why I wake up everyday
Day 89 Why Do I wake up Everyday? Second TAKE

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